I’m Ragini, an ardent animal lover. My love affair with animals started when I was in high school. After years of cajoling my parents into getting a dog, I finally got one when I was in tenth standard. We called him Chip and he became the most important (and pampered) member of our family.

chip n me

Meet Chip

We discovered that he was carrying an illness from his kennel and thus was very sensitive. The doctor advised that we shouldn’t give him milk or non-vegetarian food since his stomach was not strong enough for it. We all know how dogs love these things but at times, it is important to take such decisions for health reasons. I would urge each one of you reading this blog that you should always be very careful with all that you offer the little angel in your house. Never mix love and pampering with the kind of care he needs and you will gift your dog a long and healthy life.

Some years back, I met Kalu, a black and white desi with the habits of a spoilt homely brat. And I loved every bit of it! A black patch on his eye earned him the name Pirate. While he behaved like a spoilt little kid whenever I was around, jumping and trying to get my attention, he was also very protective of me and Chip. This definitely came as a surprise to me but we were really happy about it. And after Chip passed away, the support that Kalu offered to everyone in the family cannot be expressed in words or forgotten.

kalu n me

Kalu- the Pirate Dog


It was after some time that I met another very docile and good looking desi dog. I decided to call her Daisy as her walk was extremely lady-like and the name suited her well. Both Kalu and Daisy became very integral parts of our lives. While we gave them food, sweaters, toys to play with and proper medical care, all of this was nothing in comparison to the love and support they had for us. They have been so full of love for us that even though we remember Chip every moment, they have more than filled that void in our lives.

daisy n me

Daisy Darling

I’d like to narrate another tale about my little ones. While I love Chip from the bottom of my heart, I’ll tell you that if I were to go out with him without a collar around his neck, he would go run around the society and it would be difficult for me to catch hold of him. On the other hand, whenever I went to buy some grocery to a nearby store, Kalu and Diasy would walk with me and follow me till the time I got back home – without my asking them to do that. I have no words to describe how heart-warming it feels when someone loves you that much.I hope that by reading this little story about my fur kids, you are able to understand how these homeless dogs need a home, in return for which they have abundant love to offer. When you adopt a pet, you SAVE A LIFE. With this piece, I want to break that block which most of us here suffer from. A desi dog is no less cuddly, loving or loyal as compared to the exotic breed that you have been planning to get. In fact, they are so loyal and protective of you that it really warms your heart.

Even if your circumstances do not allow you to adopt a dog, you can still do your bit by feeding and taking care of those strays outside your house. Make sure to feed them twice daily, offer them sweaters when it is cold and if possible, take them to the vet for vaccinations and medical care.

If there is any desi dog you are fostering, do share your story with the world and be an inspiration for many others around you!

(All photo credits: Ragini Mehra)