Kolkata is not called the City of Joy just like that. This ever-busy is city always hustling and bustling with joy and people who are constantly creating joy. One such man spreads joy and happiness around by treating street dogs.

Sandeep Karan loves street dogs and his love for street dogs knows no bounds. Popularly known as Kolkata’s Street Dog Doctor, Sandeep Karan uses his home as a kennel for injured and sick street dogs where he cures them of small to big illnesses. A self taught veterinarian, Sandeep karan learnt his lessons while assisting veterinary surgeons over the years.

Sandeep Karan has also become confident enough to successfully perform surgeries.


Mrs.Sarasti Karan prepair food for all the patients. Mr. Sandip Karan is lucky to have found assistants in his mother Mrs.Sarasti Karan and wife Mrs.Moumita Karan.

Mrs.Sarasti Karan preparing food for all the dogs.

Around 40 street dogs are being treated for illnesses like cancer, liver problems and fight injuries while his mother Sarasti and his wife Moumita assist him in his amazing cause.

Sandeep Karan doesn’t confine his compassion to his own home; he extends it by going on rounds to various households to treat house pets. So far he has treated around 2500 street dogs within his own locality and adjoining areas.


Mr.Sandip Karan and his wife Mrs.Moumita Karan(R) give anti rabies virus vaccine to a street dog infront of his donater house. Mr. Sandip Karan is lucky to have found assistant in his wife Mrs.Moumita Karan.

Mr.Sandip Karan and his wife Mrs.Moumita Karan giving anti rabies virus vaccine to a street dog


Apart from treating stray dogs, Sandeep Karan and his wife also take care of vaccinating and spaying dogs in and around their areas.

Not all his neighbors take all these kindly subjecting the ‘doctor’ to their wrath. However, that does not prevent him from dreaming of a house (he does not want to call it a shelter) for his loved ones. Sandeep karan has been able to attract many donors in his area who have been funding his amazing cause of treating and vaccinating street dogs.



Right now, He is trying to raise funds for his NGO Concern for Animal and Environment and he is also gaining a lot of responsible donor list to take his cause forward. Such joyous and inspiring humans around make us want to believe in love and humanity over and over.

Mr.Sandip Karan check up the street dog at one of his donator house.

Sandeep Karan on a house call.



Source and Photo Credits: Kaushik Sengupta