By Romita Dey

Meet Tiya, an adorable desi girl and the center of all the attention! Puloshka Dowerah, who is a designer by profession, rescued her from dying in the scorching summer heat of May 2012 and bought her home. Buying a dog was never her or her husband’s idea of getting a pet as she is well aware of how puppy mills work. While looking for a stray puppy to bring home and call her own, she came across Frendicoes page at Facebook and fell in love with Tiya’s picture. A few phone calls later, she had brought Tiya home!

Here is how she looked on her first day at her forever home.

 tiyas frist day

Like with any puppy rescued from the street, Tiya was very shy and wary of everyone around her. It took her a few days to settle down with her new family and now she is the darling of the family after two and a half years!

 tiyas birthday cake

According to Puloshka, Desi dogs are very intelligent, have a very strong immune system and don’t even need much training. Tiya is no different from the rest and she proves all of these facts right. Puloshka loves the fact that Tiya listens to her when she talks to her! Along with Tiya, Puloshka is also a parent to rescued mixed breed dog Timsy. And according to her, Tiya is more alert and more intelligent than her mixed breed sister.

 tiya n timsy

Puloshka lists some beautiful reasons for adopting and bringing up a Desi puppy. She feels that there is no additional responsibility in bringing them up as they hardly ever fall sick. Another great reason is that you make yourself feel good by rescuing a life. If you are buying a dog, you are just putting money into the hands of a man who has to sell other living creatures for money.  Many breeders are known to separate pups from their moms at a very young age and even before they wean off from her milk. Female dogs are also known to suffer much abuse at the hands of these breeders.


Puloshka didn’t think twice before bringing Tiya into her home. According to her, discrimination has no place when it comes to loving and rescuing animals. She is proud to be an Indian and even more proud to have adopted an Indian dog. She hopes that her loving bond with Tiya will encourage more people to adopt and rescue a puppy in need.

 tiyas frist hill station journey
At HUFT, we believe that all dogs are equal, and that our desi dogs should get as much love and attention as any other dog! They’ve been neglected, homeless, abused and shunned for way too long.
So open up your hearts and homes, and bring home a desi puppy today!

Romita Dey Romita Dey is an ardent dog lover and blogger based in Kolkata.