Is your pet happy? A simple way to figure this out is, with a circle. Divide the circle into 24 segments – each representing an hour of the day. Fill in what your pet is doing in each hour. You’ll see how many hours your pet spends waiting for you at home, how many sleeping, eating, exercising and so on. If the chart is filled with more activities that he or she enjoys, then your pet should be a happy camper. If this isn’t the case, you can rectify the situation by make a list of activities that your pet loves and figuring out ways to include these activities in his or her routine!

Here are a few of our suggestions to make this year great for your pet!

Spend more time with your pet: You are your pet’s entire world, you’re their best friend and they like nothing better than just being with you. This doesn’t have to mean that you restrict your activities, if you’d like to go out for a meal choose a pet friendly cafe that both of you can go to. On some days you can skip the gym and take your pet to the dog park instead (don’t worry, your pet will make sure you get a workout anyway!) and if you enjoy long drives, your pet is the perfect companion!
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Plan a trip: Some pets love to explore open, grassy plains while other enjoy chasing the waves and nearly all of them love a long car ride! With the number of pet friendly hotels and resorts only going up, planning a trip with Fido isn’t as hard as it used to be. Your pet would love a change from their daily routine just as much as you would!

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Challenge their minds: Many pet parents tend to make the mistake of concentrating only on physical exercises. Dogs are highly intelligent creatures who enjoy a brain game just as much as you do! Give them interactive toys or puzzle toys to get their little grey cells working! Even a game of Hide and Seek will be a great hit! Playtime (besides walks) for at least 15-20 minutes twice a day will make your pet very happy!

Mental Stimulation

Learn more about your pet: Yes, you are the only person who knows exactly what your pet wants. You know his ‘I’m hungry’ bark from his ‘I need to go for a walk right now!’ bark and all those little looks in between. But dog language and behaviour is quite nuanced and you’d be surprised at how many things you will learn once you begin. There are plenty of courses available for pet parents who are interested in learning from the experts.  As with all relationships, the key to a healthier understanding between pet and parent is communication – besides talking to your pet, listen to what he has to say!

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With our often-busy schedules, life tends to settle down into a repetitive routine – this is more so for your pet.  It’s simple to please your pet because what they really want is to spend more time with his or her most favourite person i.e. YOU. So, whether it’s scratching your pet’s tummy while you’re on your Netflix marathon or it’s an impromptu game of fetch, spending more time with your pooch will make the year a super happy one for both of you! Do you have anything special planned this year for your pet? Let us know what fun activities we can add to this list!