(R to L) Madhubhani with a friend at a pet adoption drive

(R to L) Madhubhani with a friend at a pet adoption drive

Here’s an inspiring tale of a dog lover who besides having her own pet Sherry at home, invests her time helping the canine on the street. As a law student Madhubani Chakraborty, inspired her college mates to chip in, and as a young lawyer in Mumbai, working with the legal team of a large telecom company, she even managed to get permission from the HR to help in her quest of looking after the strays in the vicinity! Madhubani writes in to Headsupfortails:

I have always been an animal lover, and I used to feed dogs in my locality from the time I was 8 years old. I have seen it all – from people being mean and throwing water, and kicking the animals I used to feed outside my building. Besides bringing Sherry into our family, I have fostered many puppies at different stages

Madhubhani fostered little Pepper who got adopted!

Madhubhani fostered little Pepper who was adopted!

When I moved to Pune to complete law school from Symbiosis, my sister and I became instrumental in helping strays. I, along with my college student council committee (at Symbiosis Law School), started the Pet Adoption Camp in the year 2012. We have been doing it every year in association with People For Animals, Pune. I graduated in 2013 but my juniors have taken the tradition forward.  This has been a part of our annual cultural festival Symbhav.

Children with their adopted puppies at Symbhav's pet adoption drive in Pune

Children with their adopted puppies at Symbhav’s pet adoption drive in Pune

Sweet little puppy with its new parents

Sweet little puppy with its new parents

Each year we have over 100 adoptions. We ensure that puppies are all vaccinated, over a month old and that they go to loving families. It’s in fact compulsory for the lady of the adopting family to sign the relevant papers since in the past there have been cases where older children or the men take home a puppy only to return the puppy the next day. There are some cases where after the adoption camp, puppies are left abandoned near the campus. Students then take turns to foster such puppies till they get adopted.

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Pet Adoption Drive by Symbhav (initiative by laws students at Symbiosis in Pune)

Poster for Pet Adoption Drive by Symbhav (initiative by Madhubani and her classmates at Symbiosis in Pune)

When I started working in Mumbai in June 2013, a couple of animal lovers in office, we got together and began feeding the dogs in turns and subsequently the first litter that was born. Sadly, not many from this litter, survived. After about three weeks of having fed them, one morning we saw that two of the puppies had been abducted and thrown out of campus. At this point we took formal permission from the HR, who was supportive and allotted designated areas where we kept bowls of water for birds and dogs and where we could feed them. But when I came back from a week of leave in Kolkata since Sherry was unwell, I was told that one of the pups died of distemper and one probably couldn’t take the heat.

Tripod at the Pet hospital

Tripod at the Parel Vet Hospital in Mumbai, who was run over by a car. Sadly, Tripod did not make it.

One afternoon, while I was just going to feed the puppies, I heard a scream. By the time I rushed to the garden area where I saw one of the puppies, lying down unable to walk, got her legs run over by a car. We rushed her to the Parel Hospital. She was recovering with her hind leg amputated. We named her Tripod and she was up for adoption. However, the front leg infection became severe and she passed away few days back. We have been doing our best to save all the puppies and dogs, giving them injections on time, having them neutered etc.

Puppies having their meal on Madhubani's campus

Puppies having their meal on Madhubani’s campus

Choco and his mom eat from a bowl inside Madhubhani's office premises

Choco and his mom eat from a bowl inside Madhubani’s office premises

Now we have with us Choco from the litter and his mother apart from other big dogs. HR has been helpful and with the support of all other animal loving employees, our efforts make quite a few tails wag in happiness every day.

I think it is very important that we do our little bit. I remember once rescuing a dog who had been kept locked inside a car (without even an inch of air space) parked in the Phoenix, a mall in Lower Parel. I got in touch with the mall security and called the owners. Strangely, the owners didn’t even realize (till I told them) that they were harming the dog by keeping it locked in a car. They probably thought I was mad!

Give water, and a few biscuits (a Glucose biscuit packet costs just five  bucks!) to any stray that you come across. Call PETA and WSD (numbers available online) in times of need. Taking an injured animal to the vet (Parel Animal Hospital for those in Mumbai) goes a long way in saving an animal.

Yes, every little gesture can bring a wag of happiness to the needy!

Like Madhubani, if you too do something to help stray dogs or other animals, allow us to inspire our community through your kindness story. Write to us at woof@headsupfortails.com