“We were perhaps born to alleviate the suffering of these neglected, abused, four legged, slithering and feathered friends who are our co-inhabitants and came to this planet before us. They are our soul mates from the animal kingdom”, opines a group of enlightened individuals working for Maaya, an initiative to improve animal life of the Pandit Ravi Kichlu Foundation in Kolkata.

Maaya: Always in Defense of Animals!

Maaya: Always in Defense of Animals!

We are glad to witness India slowly awaking to the needs of its voiceless inhabitants. Numerous people and organizations are now working towards the welfare of animals, and Maaya is one such group doing commendable work in the regard. It works on the following set of principles.

  • Treating animals differently from humans is akin to racism and sexism
  • Being immune to the pain and suffering of animals means that one’s soul has not yet awakened
  • A civilized society, is one where there is zero tolerance to abuse and cruelty of any kind to animals

Maaya is dedicated to creating awareness about caring for animals, and looking after animals in need. The volunteers of the group work at providing shelter, food, medical aid and love to as many animals as possible to serve.

The Maayans express their love for animals by saying, “Maybe we are not doing enough for you, but we are doing our best; leaving no stone unturned within our limited capacities. Bear with us, and we will not give up until our last breath doing what we know best to do – taking care of you. We love you all!” These folks consider it their moral responsibility to help and assist the animals to the best of their ability. They hold the humane belief that animals too have the right to a safe life, just as we humans do.

Maaya aims at:

  • Providing infrastructural facilities for shelters, treatments, food, care for alleviating the suffering of stray animals
  • Lobbying for amendments to existing animal protection laws in India, in order to make them effective
  • Rescue of abused/injured and abandoned animals
  • Campaigning to secure legal recognition for animal rights nationally and internationally especially against fur, leather, dairy and animal tested products
  • Promoting adoption of stray animals
  • Promoting animal birth control program and discouraging brutal extermination of stray animals
  • Creating awareness among people, so as to start a mass movement against the following:
    • Use of animals in laboratories for experimentation
    • Vivi-section in schools & colleges
    • Harsh training regimes in circuses and films
    • Manhandling of slaughter animal and poultry chicken
    • Cruelty to cows, bullocks, horses and donkeys
    • Zoos
    • Breeding of animals for commercial exploitation
The Cutie-Pie Got Adopted!</font size="3"

The Cutie-Pie Got Adopted – Mission Accomplished!

You too can be a Part of the Venture…

Irrespective of how much time or money you can afford to give, there is always a way to help an innocent animal if you really want to. You can make priceless contributions to the cause of animal welfare in the following ways.

  • Adopting or sponsoring a dog: If you cannot take a doggie home, you can sponsor him and the Foundation will look after him on your behalf for a small monetary contribution of Rs. 1000 per month. You can visit your furry pet whenever time permits.
  • Volunteering: If you love animals, it would give you immense fulfillment to volunteer to care for them in any one of the shelters of the Foundation.
  • Donating: You can offer money or commodities like blankets, collars, lease, food and medicines.

If you want to know more about Maaya, its current and future projects, and the Pandit Ravi Kichlu Foundation, write to us at woof@headsupfortails.com.