Dr. R.S Chaggar: Dr. Ramandeep Chaggar is a third generation veterinarian with over 15 years of experience in the veterinary field. He received his Bachelors in Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry (B.V.Sc & A.H) from Chaudhary Charan Singh University of Veterinary Sciences, Hisar (Harayana) in 1999.

We, at Heads Up For Tails went on a live chat with him on our Facebook page on 15 May 2015, and below is the chat session with him:

Kalpana SharmaHi doctor!!my almost 2 year male lab is hyperactive,what to do to make him fine and what should we give him as food?

Dr. Chaggar : Hello Kalpana Sharma! Walk & exercise him. Make him use up his extra energy during walks. Hyper kids and pooches means they are not getting enough exercise. In case he is just hyperactive and not destructive, it’s even easier. For food, you can try giving him Royal Canin, N & D or Science Diet, Eukanuba, any good brand food.

Puja Mittal: Hello, I have a retriever and he has a lot of hairfall even after combing… What should I do??

Dr. Chaggar: Hello Puja Mittal! Hair fall is also called molting, happens throughout the year. Use a de-shedding brush on a regular basis so it helps. Also add omega 3.6 fatty acids and yeast supplements to prevent the same.

 Ankoura VermaHi Doc! My 3yr old boy Lab has skin allergy for the last few weeks. There are red patches which dry up and the skin falls off with a bunch of hair leaving a bald spot. He is not itchy but has dandruff. I have been bathing him weekly with Erina followed by Ridd but it hasnt gone. Pls suggest

Dr. Chaggar: Hello Ankoura Verma! Please get him checked up by your vet again because flaky skin could have many reasons like mites, fungal infection etc. A skin scraping or good experienced diagnosis should determine the cause, then you can treat him effectively.

Mayur BholaHi! Please suggest balanced home made daily diet for my 2 years+ Labrador.

Dr. Chaggar: 2-3 eggs per day is more than enough for a pug. They also have a tendency of putting on weight & cholesterol. So go easy on the food. Too much of everything is bad. Flax seed oil is useful for preventing hair shedding.

Sharmistha ChakrabortyMy lab puppy is 2 months old.what should i feed her for growth?also when can i start toilet training?How many times a day i can give them this food?

Dr. Chaggar: Hello Sarmistha Chakraborty! You can start weaning her off milk & cerelac onto commercial food like Royal Canin, Eukanuba, Hills Science Diet. Toilet training and or house breaking starts form ‘the sooner the better’! Four times a day is ideal reduced to 3 times a day when he is about 6-7 months old and twice a day when is an adult.

Maryann TaylorHello! What is the best thing to feed my cat? I’ve been feeding her Royal Canin dry cat food and par boiled chicken. Is that okay? Or would you recommend something else?

Dr. Chaggar: Hello Maryann Taylor! Any commercial food which belongs to any premium or super premium brand with good quality/ human grade chicken or meat can be used because it needs almost 50-60 ingredients for the meal to be balanced.


Samson JuliusMy 6 months old mix Labrador girl is too skinny.I feed her very well 3-4 times a day but she is still not gaining weight.She is totally de-wormed and i can see her ribs.Please tell me what to do?

Dr. ChaggarHello Samson Julius! In case she is skinny, please get her bloods and stools tested for any worms or any other cause in case she is carrying an illness or sickness or worms. Then treat her accordingly.

 Agni RainaMy 3 & half months old lab puppy Daisy had allergy in which her whole face swelled up. Her eyes from outside had red swelling and her lips too had red swelling like she was bleeding.! On veterinary advice I gave her little coffee powder n Citrizin tablet. She is fine now but we still couldn’t understand how did she had an allergy due to insects bite or something else caused it?please tell

Dr. Chaggar: Hello Agni Raina! It could be due to many things. But in this weather this kind of an allergic reaction could be attributed to a bee sting or an insect bite. And since it was localized to her face, it could have been due to a bite or her having eaten an insect too. (ants pretty common)

Meenakshi Reddy MadhavanHi, my spayed cat is still going into heat six months after her spay. Is this normal? Is there anything I can give her to calm her down?

Dr. Chaggar: Hello Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan! If the cat is spayed, she shouldn’t go into heat. may be while spaying there was a complication and your vet was unable to locate/remove a tiny little fragment of her ovary leading to the cat coming is heat. You could try chemical prevention for her heat.