When a dear one is dangerously ill, it is not uncommon for families to frantically
contact friends (and their friends), colleagues, blood banks etc. to donate the
necessary blood type.

With the absence of any canine blood banks in the city, pet parents in Bangalore
need to work twice as hard just to zero in on a couple of potential donors. From
posting on social media groups to circulating WhatsApp messages, they are left
desperately chasing down any lead. This just makes an already stressful time much

A Registry of Donors in Bangalore

Active animal welfare workers, Mandy Vasudevan and Shilpa Colluru have
witnessed this first hand. And this is why they put together a Canine Blood Donor
Registry in November 2015. A pet falling gravely sick is every pet parent’s worst
nightmare. Unfortunately, despite keeping up to date on vaccinations and taking
precautions, pets do fall sick. A very common illness that often requires blood
transfusions is Tick Fever. Donating blood at the right time CAN save lives. Your
four-legged child can help another fur-baby get healthy and get back to his or her
family. The best part is that all it takes is about 30 minutes of generosity and

“Of our five dogs, our youngest four have been donors multiple times. If done under proper medical supervision, having blood collected (from a donor dog) is a simple and straightforward process. I urge all pet parents to step forward – not only is it a noble cause, but it can also potentially save another sentient’s life. After all, in solidarity must all pet parents remain,” says Taanya, a pet parent in Bangalore.

Taanya's brood Taanya’s Lovely Brood

The Truth About Canine Blood Donation
Keeping both donor and donee healthy and safe is important. So we’ve put together
the answers to a few common FAQs in relation to Canine Blood Donation.

  • 20 – 30 minutes is the average time to complete a blood donation procedure
  • No anaesthesia is required if your dog can be kept calm and composed on a
    vet’s table
  • The vet should do a quick physical check up to see if your dog is eligible to donate
  • It does not make your pet weak, no special diet of after-care is required
  • Your pet should donate only once every 3 months
  • Dogs on supplements can donate, those on medication may not be able to
  • Your dog needs to be 25 kg to safely donate – so even medium to large size
    Indies can
  • Donating blood can make a HUGE difference to get a doggie healthy. Don’t forget
    that you and your furry child will be helping another doggie get back to their family
    and hopefully give them many years of love.

Sandhya Satyamurthy, parent to Dino (a labrador) says, “Dino has donated blood 4 times. I have a very easy time of it because Dino is a calm and easy dog at the vet. Once Dino was on the table, the vet takes care of the rest. You just need to be there to keep your dog calm. The entire procedure was approximately 20 minutes to half an hour. There was no recovery period or anything, Dino just went about the rest of his day as normal. If your dog is calm and doesn’t freak out at the vet, it makes sense (to donate).”

Sandy and Dino2A file photo of Sandhya being cuddled by Dino

How Do I Sign Up? How does it Work?

Your details (such as the weight of your dog, his or her history of donation and your
location etc.) will be added to a private registry. When a pet is in need, Mandy
identifies you as a potential donor based on your closeness to the hospital’s location.
Likewise, if your pet is ever in need, the directory will serve as an invaluable list of
donors for your pet.

To learn more about Canine Blood Donation from a pet parent or to register with this
Directory of Canine Blood Donors in Bangalore, get in touch with Mandy Vasudevan
on her Facebook, Instagram or Twitter handles.

Is there One in Your City?

Doggies all over the country need help. Is there a Registry like this one in your city? Is there a Canine Blood Bank? Find out and see if you can lend another doggie a helping paw. Is your pet a blood donor? Share your stories with us via Instagram or Facebook! We’d love to share it with our community to help more pet parents understand what it involves.