Winter brings forth cold and harsh weather that can be brutal on your dog’s paws. Dry, flaky paws with cuts and burns are common during winter season. Which is why you need to take special care of your canine’s paws to ensure they remain soft and healthy. Here are a couple of simple tips you must abide by:

  • Keep those paws groomed – Winter is no excuse to let those nails remain untrimmed. Keep the nails short and pay special attention to the hair growing between the paws to ensure they do not collect dirt, mist, etc. when you walk your doggie out. 


  • Wipe those paws diligently – Make it a habit to wipe off those paws whenever you take your pooch out for a walk. Use a moist towel or paw wipes to keep off dirt and any foreign objects out from your dog’s paws to keep them clean. Always use a paw balm after wiping to keep them soft and moisturised.


  • Use Paw Butter meant just for dog’s paws – Keep those paws moisturized with the use of paw butter that ensures your pooch’s paws remain healthy and crack-free. Use it every time you wipe the paws clean and also before bedtime. Use of human moisturizers is a huge no-no as such products contain chemicals and artificial ingredients that may be harmful for your pooch if he licks. Try HUFT’s organic paw butter that is made from all natural ingredients that is free from SLS/SLES, parabens, artificial colors/fragrances, etc.


  • Try Dog Shoes or Dog Boots – Protect those paws while you’re out walking your dog with dog shoes or boots that are made from anti-skid material and are an inexpensive way to keep dirt, salt, pesticides, etc. away from your dog’s paws. Dog boots/shoes also help to keep paw rashes away that usually happen from overexposure to extreme temperatures, dryness, etc.


  • If it is too cold for you to be outside, the same applies for your pooch too – Always use judgement while walking your dog out or leaving him outdoors alone. If it is too cold for you to step out, it will be too cold for your dog’s paws too. Do not leave your pooch alone outdoors as sudden drop in temperatures can be harmful for his overall health. 


We hope you find these tips useful to keep your pooch’s paws crack-free and healthy. Read here to know about general winter care tips for your darling pooch.