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Mowgli and his dad Abhijit Ganguly

A few years ago, hotelier and independent travel writer Aparupa Ray Ganguly and her hubby Abhijit, ran into an adorable 2-month old puppy at Friendicoes, an animal shelter in Delhi. Tragically, Mowgli’s mom was killed in a road accident.

Today, smart smart desi boy Mowgli, is a big part of their lives, and they cannot imagine a life without him. According to Aparupa, there is no greater satisfaction in her life than rescuing animals in need, and she shares why.

Playful, loving, charming Mowgli!

Intelligent, intuitive, lovable Mowgli!

Tell us all about Mowgli’s personality ‘n’ quirks!
He is an extremely intelligent dog, and possessive! My husband and me are his family, his world. He understands every bit of what we speak at home and responds accordingly. He is super active, naughty but absolutely lovable. He makes sure he is always sitting and sleeping in-between me and my husband and can never make up his mind as to whom he loves more. He demands belly rubs and can be so persistent when he wants to play. He gets very angry if we ever make fun of him or laugh at him!

What is the best part about adopting a desi?
Mowgli is not my first ‘desi’. I have reared many desis in the past and apart from being very adaptable, they are non-fussy about food, extremely intelligent and intuitive and adjust very well in all circumstances. They are genetically much stronger and resilient and do not fall sick easily like a lot of pedigree dogs.
Can you resist this desi baby? Mowgli as a kid

Can you resist this adorable desi baby? Mowgli as a pup

Baby Mowgli at play!

At three months, baby Mowgli at play!

Adoption verses buying pets: your perspective?
Pets are family. They are like children who want to be loved and taken care of. I don’t think we go shopping for children…do we?

Why do you think people discriminate so much? 
People are unaware and for a lot of them, pets/ dogs are more like a style statement. For such people, it really matters how fancy the pedigree is and how much they pay for that exotic breed so that they can boast about it in their social circle. Genuine dog lovers know that dogs/ pets are not commodities or brands that need to be flaunted.
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What can people do to help the general cause of adopting strays?
Firstly, they must assist in getting the strays neutered.Secondly, they must educate their children and sensitise them to spread love and not be pedigree conscious.
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