A beautiful woman, vibrant dreams, and an exhaustive portfolio of designs that are so simple yet so amusing that you just can’t get enough of her art. Freelance artist Alicia Souza has worked with Chumbak, Tinkle and her own retail line. And lucky for us, Alicia designed a line of chic doggie bandanas for HUFT! Check out some of her designs.

Born to Lick BandanaRascal Bandana


Bratty Barker Bandana


Vivacity, humor and happiness mark Alicia’s persona, and she infuses the same into her illustrations. It’s the lexicon of daily life that inspires her art; everything from road traffic and relationships to nail polish find their way into Alicia’s world of illustrations. And one her greatest inspirations are her beloved dogs Charles-Brown and Lola-Bear. And dogs in general!

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Alicia is a pet-parent of two munchkins whom she calls Charles-Brown and Lola-Bear. These two pooches are a recurrent theme of her work.

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Alicia answers a few questions about her work, her doggies and working with HUFT.

HUFT: What is it about doggies that inspire you so much?
With so much personality in every single one of them, I’m surprised the world isn’t obsessed! I think it also helps that mine are around me when I work and most of the day when I’m at my desk.

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HUFT: Tell us a little about your pets. Any interesting anecdotes?
: I have two munchkins: Charles-Brown and Lola-Bear. They are the cutest but naughtiest dogs I’ve had the pleasure of living myself with. Though Charlie has calmed a lot as he’s grown older, Lola-B is like an overgrown pup and seems like she will be like that forever more.

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HUFT: What has your experience been with designing for HUFT?
Alicia: A delight is an understatement. I’ve had such a wonderful experience of seeing my drawings turn into doggie goodies and also the freedom to draw pretty much what I please. How could I not be thrilled 🙂

HUFT: What are your pet care mantras?

Alicia: Love, care and education.
Love them like you would your child.
Care for them like you would yourself.
Educate yourself on their well-being and behaviors.

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HUFT: What is your advice for people wanting to adopt strays?
Alicia: It would first be a congrats on being great! I would just advice one to educate yourself on regular dog care and training. The rest is just about caring for a new best friend.

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