One such beautiful story that has caught my attention lately is about this wonderful Imam who allows cats to stay in the mosque. Purrrprised? errr.. surprised? 

There is a mosque in Istanbul, Turkey where one can pray while cats happily purr, play and sleep along side. 


The Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi Mosque’s imam Mustafa Efe has been letting stray cats in since last year. Winter in Turkey can be tough on both humans and animals, and with many stray cats seeking warm places to relax, Mustafa Efa decided to make their lives little easier and also gave many of a little reason to smile. 


The Imam at the Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi Mosque in Istanbul’s historic Üsküdar district  is known for his good-humor and diligence but what melts my heart is his love for kitty cats. He calls the feline guests “Friday Friends” and welcomes them with his open arms and ready smile. 


Not just that, the cats are allowed inside the mosque 24×7 all throughout the winter months of the year. What made made me go all mush is this video of this Mommy cat so comfortable in the mosque that she raised her babies right here.

With so much love in this world, we need not worry for the future of humanity.