Many of you are familiar with Heads Up For Tails’  Kindness Saturday initiative. On each Saturday, we post photos of dogs needing homes- street puppies, thousands of dogs in the shelters and the most tragic of all- dogs abandoned by their owners after a few years. 2 Saturdays ago, we posted about a dog who was abandoned by its owners because they had a new puppy in the house. The dog was such a sweetheart, extremely gentle and docile. We were heart broken. How can you possibly do that? Dogs and kids make the best of friends!
Sana saw the post on our facebook page, and decide to adopt the dog. Kudos to her!
HUFT chats with Sana Saini who adopted a dog off the streets, and she tells us more on how, what and why! We hope she inspires more of us to do the same.
Diva Bebo

HUFT- Tell us about yourself.

Sana:  I work in the fashion Industry and also enjoy doing theatre & short films. I love animals & would love to do what ever best I can for these wonderful Gods creations.


HUFT- Where did you hear about the dog for adoption from?

Sana: I heard via Heads up for Tails on Facebook.


HUFT- Have you ever adopted a dog before?

Sana: Not exactly , but yes, a friend of mine was unable to handle his 4 month old GSD, so  I bought him home- he was a wonderful soul and was emotionally attached to all of us at home.


HUFT- There are so many dogs up for adoption. Then why this one? Was there a special connect?

Sana: Just found her very loving, also many people wouldn’t adopt her as she is 3 years old and she actually needed a home.


HUFT- How is the dog settling into your home?

Sana: Well, she is doing great, she is very easy to handle. She did not take much time to settle down, though we are still understanding each other together.


HUFT- What are the adjustment issues you are facing?

Sana: FOOD – As we do not know what her diet was previously. Initially, she did not touch egg, wheres now she loves having it. TEMPERAMENT – She is very possessive about her toys and her bed so we have to take care that she is not insecure or hassled about it. It brings in an additional job with one more doggie at home and two kids.


HUFT- What advise would you give others who want to adopt?

Sana: I am totally in for it. We should all adopt rather than buy. If there are people who do not wish to have an Indie, we have loads of good breed that are abandoned daily. Please accept the fact that if you wish to keep an animal  – it should be not as a status symbol but for your true, unconditional love for them. The practice of adopting will not only discourage illegal imports of animal/birds etc but also help us get rid of unlicensed breeders, with less torture on animals to produce forcefully which is a crime. Apart from this, you will help some one have a great home to live in and in exchange ( only if you consider) you will have a loyal companion to be with you who will wait for you and love you unconditionally. 


Thank you Sana!!
And to those who would like to help out- there’s tons you can do- Educate, volunteer, donate, foster, adopt!