It is always better to adopt. When you adopt you know you are opening your heart, not your wallet, and you are making a decision that will impact you, the animal, and the world, in a positive way”, says, Christine, who has adopted a beautiful desi female doggie on her sojourn to India. Christine and her husband Tripp are ardent animal lovers and in spite of their initial resolve to not get home a pet during their short stay in India, ended up adopting an adorable homeless puppy. Since then, their little new companion has helped win them new friends, enhanced their lives with her unconditional love and made them  feel at home in a foreign city. No wonder they are certain to take her back to America when they leave!



HUFT– Tell us a little about yourself.
Christine and Tripp are in New Delhi, India, for work and have lived here a little over a year.  Both love dogs, although Christine think sof herself as more of a cat person! We had talked about getting a dog,but with our work and travel schedules, that seemed like a lot to take on, especially being in a new city. Despite all that, over the course of last winter/spring, we noticed the new batches of street puppies everywhere. I started carrying treats around with me to feed the ones I regularly ran into.

HUFT– How did you meet your dog.

We were eating out at Ploof restaurant in Lodi Colony last summer and saw two sweet puppies hanging around the restaurant. We played with one and she followed us to the car and seemed ready to get in and go with us. That was the hook and from then on, we knew we needed to adopt one of the strays. We went back to the area a couple times to look for the dogs and to consider whether we were ready to have a dog in our lives. One time we went to visit and the entire pack of eight puppies wanted to play, so excited for the attention and the treats.It was quite a scene, not just for us, but for everyone else in the park, wondering why these Americans were playing with all these dirty puppies!

On the night we decided to “adopt” her, Parker was curled up out front of Ploof and just started wagging her tail when she heard our voices.We confirmed with the restaurateurs that she did not belong to anyone and then decided to take her home with us. She resisted the collar wetried to put on her and backed up against the wall, confused by what was going on. This caused a scene with all sorts of people watching what was going on as we tried to coax her, unsuccessfully, to come with us. Just as we were at a loss as to what to do next, one of the guards came along and just scooped her up and carried her to our car.”She’s a lucky one,” he said as he put her down on the back seat.

Her first night with us, she gobbled up her food and then just sat quietly, trying to figure us out. She let us bathe her and walk her on the leash, but otherwise was very shy. She has completely gotten over that shyness!
That was in July 2013. We thought she was 2-3 months old at the time,but the vet thought she was about six months then. Parker just celebrated her one-year birthday on 14 February 2014!

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 10.47.46 AMHUFT– Tell us a little about your dog- please describe her personality.

The best way to describe Parker is to call her a brat! A brat, but also very, very sweet. Now that she has grown up, she is usually pretty mellow around the house. She has a ton of toys that she loves to play with, especially her stuffed animals which she just LOVES to tear apart. She loves to meet new people and wants to get to know them intimately by jumping up on them.  She also loves to meet new dogs but then is immediately a brat when playing with them. The one very unique thing about Parker is that she has very funny reactions to us and acts like she’s a movie dog.

For example, when I tell her she is going to have a bath, she will cover her face with her paws as if trying to hide. She is very funny!


HUFT– What’s the best part of having a desi?

Having Parker in our lives has enhanced it in so many ways. We’ve met so many nice people in the neighborhood, people that we never encountered before. It’s been like an entirely new place and also made us feel that much more welcome in Delhi. People are so interested in talking to us, specifically because they see us walking a desi. There also are so many amazing people involved in the dog rescue and dog care business who we are so lucky to have met. When we are out walking
Parker, people introduce themselves and meet Parker and then ask, “are you going to take her back to America with you?” The answer is, of course yes! We think she will like it there, but probably will miss her desi dog friends.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 10.50.43 AM

HUFT– What advise would you give to people on adoption verses buying pets?

It is always better to adopt. When you adopt you know you are opening your heart, not your wallet, and you are making a decision that will impact you, the animal, and the world, in a positive way.

HUFT– Why do you think people discriminate so much?

We’re not really sure of the answer to this. I wish it wasn’t the case since there are so many good and cute dogs out there that just need
someone to pick them.

HUFT– What can people do to help the general cause of adopting strays.

Take care of the strays in their own neighbourhood to make sure they are eating and are somewhat healthy and safe. Even better is to reach out to one of the organisations offering free sterilization services to help control the population.  The best thing is to just rescue a
desi from the street like we did!!