Many of you must have heard of the Filmy Owl by the AWESOME Angel Bedi who doodles around and fills the world with colour! 
 Angel adopted a dog off the streets, and she tells us more on how, what and why! We hope she inspires more of us to do the same.



HUFT- Tell us about yourself!

Angel: I’m Angel Bedi , I have an arty alter ego called TheFilmyOwl. I doodle around and fill the world with mad colours. I don’t wash my hands after touching random dogs and I don’t care.

HUFT- How did you meet your dog?

Angel: So I have always wanted a dog, but it never really worked out. I would fulfil my puppy needs by taking in street warriors, even though it led to al lot of home quarrels ( haha ). This is where I fell in love with our desi babies.

I was stuck in a traffic jam one usual evening, when i realised that it has been caused by a fool who ran his fancy car over a little fox looking fur ball. So I did what had to be done, took her to the vet. My brave girl had fractured quite a few bones but was strong and made it through after 6 months of plasters.

HUFT- Tell us about her/him?

Angel: I named her CHABI, because her first ever toy was my car keys, also because she has the key to my soul. Yes, I am very dramatic. She is a complete brat because I raised her to be one. I like the kids to be naughty and do wrong things, but she knows where to stop when we have guests over. Chabi loves her old razai, our mom and of course the pigeons.

HUFT- Whats the best part of having a desi?

Angel: If only I could put in words how good it feels to be a dog’s ‘human’. Their love is as selfless as ours is selfish. My indie lover girl is the best thing that has limped along into my life.

HUFT- What advise would you give to people on adoptions verses buying pets?

Angel: Little girls making puppy eyes so their daddies buy them the cutest dog. What they don’t know is the vicious process that goes into breeding dogs. People who buy dogs are more to blame than the ones who sell them.

We have so many gorgeous, easy going puppies and grown dogs who have so much love to give. So please, adopt a desi. You’ll be doing your self a favour.