Winters leave your skin dry and crusty and the same happens to your furry one too. The sudden change in temperatures, dryness in the air and use of room heaters can all lead to extreme dryness. If you notice any shallow cracks on your dog’s nose, it could be because of dryness from cold winter weather. Use a snout balm to treat those cracks and choose one that is fragrance-free and moisturises your dog’s snout.

Here are some tips that you can follow to maintain a healthy snout that is free from dryness:

  1. Use a moisturising balm that is meant for dogs. A snout balm can treat those cracks effectively. Choose one that is fragrance free and moisturises your dog’s snout.
  2. Your dog can also get a dry and cracked nose from snuggling up near a heater during the winter season. Using a humidifier also helps to add in moisture to your room during winter season and is beneficial for both your pup and you.
  3. Do not use a moisturizer meant for humans as it contains added chemicals, preservatives and perfume that can be toxic for your pooch. Use a balm that is designed especially for your dog’s nose.
  4. Dryness could also be a result of dehydration. Ensure your dog gets plenty of fluids during the winter season.
  5. Winters are a time when there will be sudden drop in temperatures. Don’t leave your pooch out in the cold as that can also be a factor to a dry and crusty nose.
  6. If any of the above tips fail to improve your dog’s dry and crusty nose in a few weeks, it is recommended to consult a vet to see if there is any underlying medical problem.