Never Leave Your Dog Alone in the Park
Your priority should be protecting your female pooch from the male dogs and unwanted pregnancy. Go for a walk with your dog even if the weather is cold, rainy or too hot. Dont get tempted to leave her alone in the park.



Always use A Leash For Walks
There are misconceptions of not taking a female dog for walks. In the real world, they can be walked and needs walks. Some precautions are necessary, even if your dog is well trained, always walk your dog on a leash. No obedience training is as strong as natural instincts.



Pay Extra Attention to your Dog
When the dog is in heat, the changes are not just physical but mental as well. Give that extra time and be available for your dog during the heat. You can play, brush, talk to her or go for walks. She will be much calmer, when she knows she has you by her side.


Do Not Take Your Dog for Dog Shows, Pet Events or Training
Events where other dogs are involved must be ignored at all costs. There is a specific scent the female dog produces during heat, which is very disturbing to the male dogs. You would not want to be part of the chaos that can be avoided easily.


Keep a Balance Between Exercise & Rest
While on heat, every dog is different and reacts differently to heat. Some may become restless while others feel tired all day. Choosing a right amount of exercise- walking, playing, running, etc., and keeping a balance amount for rest is important to the keep the dog comfortable.



Hide the Trail Back From Male Dogs
When you take your dogs out for a walk, it is wise to break up the trail leading home. Our advice: drive your dog to the walking spot, once the job is done, drive back home. This way, the male dog will not be able to track your furry girl to your house.


Use Doggie Pants
The most common heat symptom is a bloody discharge- menstruation cycle. The female dog might take time to adjust to the diapers or pants but the problem will be solved. It will also mask the odor outdoors and prevent male dogs from following your pooch back home. Doggie pants is not a solution for preventing mating, so do not let male dog approach your pooch while she is in heat.



Spay Your Dog
A very strong recommendation is to spay your furry baby girl if you are not planning to breed her. Remember that spaying is irreversible. Once spayed, dog will stay spayed for the rest for her life. It reduces the risk of mammary tumors and most important is changed and docile behavior.