Have you ever greeted a dog and watched him growl or show his teeth at you? Chances are it’s not the dog with issues, it could be you! How you greet a dog can totally determine the way the dog responds to you. Greeting your dog the right way can make way for a happy and stress-free time. So if you love dogs and want a cuddly and pawe-some time with any pooch, follow our tips to be a dog magnet whenever you go!

Step 1: Remain calm and let the dog approach you. Do NOT greet him with a loud tone or lean over him. That could be seen as a threat by the dog and he may stress out more!! Instead, keep your side or your back towards the dog and do NOT make any eye contact.

Step 2: Once you have been ‘inspected’ by the dog and all is going well in your favour, come down to their eye level. Most people make the common mistake of leaning over a dog or patting a dog’s head that can be seen as a very threatening gesture to the dog. Instead, kneel down and gently stroke them on the side or his back.

Step 3: By now the dog will be in a relaxed mood, and it is safe for you to start interacting with the pooch and enjoy a playful cuddly time!