Cracked paws? Cuts and Scrapes? Need a Trim? Here’s how you can keep your dog’s paws soft and smooth with some tender loving care.

  • Trimming Nails – Just like us humans, your dog’s nails need trimming too. If you hear a click-click sound when your dog walks, it is time for a doggie pedicure and it is best to leave the nail trimming to a professional vet as cutting the nails too short can lead to nail bleed.

Trim nails

  • Paws – Rub some dog paw balm to keep them soft and moisturised. Using a human moisturiser is a huge no-no as it contains chemicals that could be harmful to your dog every time he licks. 


  • Wipe the paws after a walk – Always wipe your pooch’s paws after an outdoor visit to keep them clean and free from dust.


  • Do not expose them to extreme temperatures – If the road is too hot or too cold for you to walk on, your dog shouldn’t be on it either. Follow this simple rule to ensure that you do not expose your dog to extreme temperatures. 

cold temp