Keep it Cuddly & Cracker Free: Diwali Care for Dogs:

Cleaning done, fairy lights placed, greetings received, greetings sent, seems like we’re all set for Diwali. But, are we? As pet parents, we should know that while Diwali is the biggest celebration for us, it is not much of a happy news for our little pooch. Every year, several pets and strays go missing on Diwali as they try to save themselves from the loud noises and toxic fumes emitted by firecrackers.

Dogs are highly sensitive to loud noises and strong smells, precisely why firecrackers may cause immense agitation, disorientation, anxiety, seizures and even myocardial infractions (heart attacks) in dogs. Getting your pet Diwali ready should be the paramount of all Diwali preparations.  Here are some tips to make it a happy and safe Diwali for your little fur baby:

More Play Means More Sleep

If you have a growing puppy or an energetic adult, play a little extra during the day so your pooch sleeps during the evening when crackers are on full throttle.  Use interactive toys to make sure your pooch plays more, enjoys more and sleeps more to avoid all the clatter.


Keeping the doors and windows closed during the prime hour of Diwali celebration will surely help cut down the baams and booms from outside. You can also invest in PVC soundproofing sheets for extra safety. Additionally, go for specialised ear muffs for dogs. Your dog might resist them at first but will surely get accustomed to it.

P.S- Closing the doors and windows may cut down the ventilation too. Make sure you have the fan or the AC on at a comfortable temperature.

Caress and Calm

Many dogs take the noise from the crackers as a threat and tend to get aggressive. Tackle this calmly and confidently. You should slowly call out your pet’s name in a reassuring tone. Once your pooch starts wagging, caress gently yet confidently around the belly or below the ears. You can also pat in some lavender mist to make sure calming is more effective and enjoyable for your pet.

Music Therapy

Nothing’s better than a nice soothing track played loud enough to overlap the noise outside. Go for an instrumental number. Acoustic guitar tunes, simple piano tracks and mild harmonica melodies are known to calm dogs down and stimulate sleep. We suggest the following tracks that you and your pooch can jam to this Diwali.

Celebrate Together

Never leave your dog alone on Diwali, especially when you have a puppy or a senior. Leaving the dog alone adds to the anxiety. Instead, host a cosy dinner with close ones your dog is comfortable around. Having friendly and familiar people around will distract your doggie from all the noise outside. Besides, Diwali is about family and enjoying it with your furry one makes it all better.

Getting your dog Diwali ready also means dressing up a little. Go for a nice peppy bow tie and add an ID tag to it. Here’s wishing you a cuddly and cracker-free Diwali!