“Raising Ace over the past four years has been the best bonding experience. I brought him home when he was just 37 days young and was so tiny and fragile. I was so nervous at that point and almost had an anxiety attack. Ace is a golden retriever and is so quick to learn. Just like any parent, I wanted to teach Ace everything on my own and did not hire a trainer as such. Learning how to schedule his meals, how to train him and every little thing has truly been an incredible experience for me. I actually taught him his name without using any treat.

Ace is deeply attached to my mom and gets jealous when she is not paying him any attention. If I’m sitting with my mom and she doesn’t look at him, he will get agitated and will do all sorts of antics to distract her – raid the dustbin, grab my socks, dodge and so on.

Ace loves to dress up and we even went to a Halloween party where he was all dressed up as superman. He is extremely friendly towards other dogs and even has some desi friends outside our house, who meet him on his daily walks. He chats with everyone in the house during the day but automatically comes to my room to sleep. Ace and I share an actual relationship like any parent does and like I said – raising him has been the best bonding experience for me”.

Aditya Vig