“I have around 56 dogs in total, 4 horses, 6 cats, 5 goats and 6 cows; all of whom were rescued and adopted at some point. My passion for animals keeps me going and  I have a goal to spay at least 300 dogs by the end of the year.

Piya with her horses

Piya with her horses

At home I have four adorable dogs that sleep with me: Bruisser – the Rottweiler, Czar – the Cane Corso, Diego – the Dachshund and Tylor – the Chihuahua. It’s funny that Bruisser was named after the Legally Blonde Chihuahua although he’s actually a Rottweiler!  Tylor, on the other hand, is the most spoilt dog in the house. My mom is insanely mad about him and so it goes without saying that she totally pampers him.


Piya with her desi furriends!

We also adopted four strays that live in our garden. I love to be surrounded by animals, it has been like this since I was a kid and that’s the way of life I believe in”.

Piya Modi