– By Romita Dey

Dogs don’t really need to be bathed regularly. And that’s a good thing because most of them actually don’t like to take baths! You have to literally force them to take one. During summers, your dog should be bathed once every week. In winters though, you should bath your dog only twice a month. If your dog is suffering from a skin problem, they you may need to bath him/her on alternate days.

Always use a dog shampoo or a human baby shampoo for bathing your dog. Anti-tick and flea shampoos can be used as well. Along with the shampoo, a conditioner can be used for nourishing your dog’s coat. Whichever shampoo you use, it should be completely free from moisturizers and soap. This is necessary so that your dog’s coat doesn’t become too dry after a bath.

The texture of your dog’s coat determines how much dust and dirt gets accumulated on his/her skin. If your dog has a coat which needs special attention (for example, a wired coat), then you may need to bath him or her after consulting with a professional groomer. Your dog’s activities and general lifestyle also decide how much bathing he or she needs. It may be said here that regular bathing is not required for improving the appearance of your dog’s coat.

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– Romita Dey is a dog lover based in Kolkata.

Romita Dey

Romita Dey