If you are an experienced cat parent, you know the importance of litter. Did you just realize you are about to run out? Intersand Odourlock is a smart choice that cuts down litter use by 45%. 

If you just got home a cat, and are wondering what we’re talking about, litter is the absorbent material that you keep in your cat’s litter box to soak up urine and hide feces. The Savic litter box will be perfect for your apartment and avoid any kind of spillage. 

To ensure your cat and home stay hygienic, you should scoop the poop out of the litter box every single day and change the litter once a week. Try the Savic easy to use scoop with large cut out cirlces that allows unused litter to fall through. 

Replacing your purr ball’s litter is a simple three step process: 

  • Begin by dumping the existing litter in sealed plastic bags. 
  • Make sure your cat’s precious litter box is squeaky clean by scrubbing it with mild, unscented liquid soap and a solution of some bleach and water. To leave a lasting fragrance in place of the odours of the litter, spray the litter box with Bramton Simple solution Cat Litter Odour Eliminator
  • Lastly, put fresh litter in the clean box so your cat is never tempted to take his ‘business’ elsewhere.