“I have been working here since two months and enjoy feeding these street dogs who come to meet me every morning and evening. I have always been an animal lover and in my previous job, I was friendly with a Labrador. Something happened to him and he bit me and other people and I still have that scar around my leg. But I know it wasn’t his fault and it hasn’t stopped me from being an animal lover. I feel like these voiceless creatures on the streets deserve the same affection and love as any pet animal.

I’m a bit partial to Kaalu, who is now my favorite and stays by my side all day. He seems to be pretty comfortable around me and often brings his other doggie friends around, who get fed too. Kaalu, is ‘the boss of the tribe’ – when he’s eating, he wouldn’t allow any other dog near the bowl and they patiently wait till he’s finished. At first, I think he only visited because he was fed daily and got a lot of love and affection from everyone in the office, but now, Kaalu and I have become friends. Kaalu is so expressive and talks to me like a human when he needs food and I can proudly say that we’ve become buddies. The best part of working here is the smiling happy faces that greet Kaalu and his gang everyday….and that makes me very happy”.

— Dinesh, Head Guard at Heads Up For Tails office.