Dogs love jumping over objects. Once your dog jumps on command, you can turn it into an exciting and fun game which your dog will enjoy thoroughly. Have your dog on a leash whilst training him so that you can control him better.



Place a low chair or stool in front of your dog and using a treat or a toy encourage him to jump over it. Repeat this a few times, adding the command: “Over”, as he gets the gist. Practise this over a few training sessions spread over days till your dog understands the command.





To teach your dog to jump, put him on a leash, then hold a food treat on the other side of the jump or a toy and encourage him to go over. Or you can walk over the jump, encouraging your dog to follow suit. Make sure the jump is really low (ideally the jumps should be no higher than the dog’s elbows) and try to get the dog to look at the jump (by holding the treat at the same height) whilst jumping or else he will knock it over every time.



Though dogs of any age can perform agility, it is best to wait until a puppy is at least nine months old before allowing it to jump. Excessive jumping can damage a puppy’s growing bones and joints permanently. You can however, start the process at any age by laying down a few pipes on the ground and encouraging your pup to walk over them.

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