Dogs-Man’s best friend! And each of knows who has a dog at home knows the depth of this friendship. But every once in a while, you find a bond that runs so much deeper!
Here is our list of heroic dogs from around the world that helped save the lives of their families and others in times of crisis.

Zanjeer being honoured by the police

Zanjeer being honoured by the police

Zanjeer, a yellow labrador worked with the bomb squad unit in Mumbai. He helped saved thousands of lives during the 1993 Mumbai blasts by detecting more than 3,000 kgs of explosives, 600 detonators, and 249 hand grenades. He also helped avert 3 bombs from going off in Mumbai. Besides the 1993 blasts, Zanjeer has helped the bomb unit in recovering 11 military bombs, 57 country made bombs, 175 petrol bombs, and 600 detonators. Zanjeer died on 16th November 2000, due to a swelling in his lungs.


Trakr with James

Trackr with James Symington

Trackr, a german shepherd police dog helped rescue victims during the 9/11 twin tower crash in New York City. He assisted his handler, Canadian police officer James Symington, discover the last survivor of the 2001 attacks. Trackr worked with the Halifax regional police for 6 years and during his time he helped catch criminals and finding missing people. Trackr died on April 2009, he was 14 years old.




Kabang with her owner after her surgery

Kabang, with her owner after her surgery

Kabang, a stray living on the streets in the Philippines was adopted by Ruddy Bunggal. In December of 2011, Kabang helped save the lives of her owner’s daughter and niece by risking her own life.  When the two girls were crossing the street, they didn’t see a motorcycle coming their way. Kabang, saw the motorcycle and jumped in front of the girls knocking the motorcycle over injuring her snout and upper jaw, while saving the lives of the two young girls. Kabang, suffered major injuries from the accident and was flown to UC Davis, California for surgery to help save her life.

Pearl the rescue dog

Pearl, the rescue dog


Pearl, the black lab was given to a shelter she was 4 years old. She was later adopted by the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, to work as a search and rescue dog. She was partnered with her handler, Ron Horetski and served the LA county fire department. She helped save many lives while working with them. In 2010 she was sent to Haiti when they were struck by a massive earthquake, she along with her team of 6 search and rescue dogs found 12 survivors trapped under the rubble. In early 2011, Pearl made her way to Japan to aid the search and rescue operations by finding victims affected by the Tsunami and Earthquake.


Max with his owner

Max with his owner


Max,  pet of Osmar Perisco in Brazil, saved the life of his owner when he was faced by robbers. The heroic Pit-bull came to his owners rescue, when two armed robbers approached Osmar and demanded the keys to his car. When Osmar refused to hand over the keys, the robbers opened fire, one bullet grazed Osmar’s head making Max very angry. He attacked the robbers to protect his owner, the robbers shot Max three times trying to defend themselves. Max overpowered the attack and the robbers fled from the scene to defend themselves.