Thanks to our busy schedules, we often miss out on playtime with our dogs or we restrict these to the weekends. But dogs, just like us, can get bored of being cooped up at home all day. Most often the dogs who are ‘always up to something naughty’ are just bored and looking for an outlet for all that energy they have. Attention seeking behaviour like excessive barking or whining and following you around the house are other signs that your dog is bored.

Why is it important to keep your dog entertained?

Including both physical exercise and mental stimulation to your dog’s daily routine gives them a way spend all their energy via healthy, non-destructive outlets. While walks are important, they’re not sufficient (especially for the more energetic breeds). Having the right toys go a long way in keeping your dog entertained at home (especially if the weather is restricting outdoor play). If you set aside some time every day to play with your dog, you’ll notice that he is less likely to chew up your shoes or furniture. Playing with your dog also helps to develop the bond between you.

Is your dog bored of his toys?

Just as you would tire of watching the same movie on repeat or the same song after playing it ten times, your dog will lose interest in some of his toys. That’s normal. All you have to do is put them away for some time and introduce him to a few new toys. Giving your pet new toys every now and then will pique his interest and give him the chance to play a few new games. After a couple of weeks, you can re-introduce a couple of the old toys and he might be interested in a game with them again.

Instead of throwing away old toys, consider dropping them off at a shelter near you so they can continue to spread joy.

What kind of toys should you get?

The variety of dog toys available in the market is quite mind-boggling. This is where the Wagbox comes in. Over the years we’ve found, collected and understood all the different types of toys there are for dogs and WHY dogs love them.

For instance, chewing helps your dog release stress and relax, so chews are excellent to calm your dog down. While rope toys are excellent for hooman-and-doggie playtime. The strands of thread from these also ‘floss’ your dog’s teeth as they play, aiding dental hygiene.

Dogs love to solve puzzles – especially when the prize is a treat! Toys that encourage mental stimulation tend to be a pet favourite because they get their little grey cells working!

Subscribing to the Wagbox means your dog will have a steady supply of a variety of toys to keep him busy. Besides toys, we also pack in new treats to introduce your pet to new flavours that will help develop his palate. These treats are excellent for training sessions as well. If you’d like to sign up for our Wagbox, just click here.