No, we’re not talking about Old MacDonald’s farm but the hottest pet store in town, the Tail Lovers Company.

Lend me your ears as I tell you about this not-so-ordinary day. This was when many dogs played with each other, pet parents exchanged anecdotes, humans and their furry friends enjoyed cupcakes and pupcakes, and I almost won a ‘Pin the Tail’ contest. I’m here to tell you all about the first ever Monthly Mutt Mingle by Tail Lovers Company, powered by Heads Up For Tails. Here’s a sneak peek:



I was in a state of Euphoria that day. Bruno, Khushi, Paris, Oreo and Sara, among others, didn’t really have to make too many efforts to win everyone’s hearts. The photo booth was just the icing on the cake! Look how Bruno showed his magic here as well!


Monthly Mutt Mingle

Dog paws all around, ample retail therapy, games and food for pooches and the lively music ensured everyone had a very happy time. To top it all, Paris and Khushi were kind enough to give us the much needed puppy therapy!

Monthly Mutt Mingle

And when I say retail therapy, I mean it was time for some very serious shopping.

Retail Therapy

For those of you who didn’t get my Pin the Tail reference, have a look at how I aced it!

Monthly Mutt MIngle

The Mutt Mingle would have been incomplete without these delicious appetizers. My dogs and I are drooling looking at the pictures. Hmph.


Did you miss all the fun? Worry not for Tail Lovers Company is coming back with the Mutt Mingle in August! This golden furball is here to extend the invitation. Now who would say a NO to him?

Monthly Mutt MIngle