It’s no secret that having a dog in the house is great. These furry creatures keep us active and give us company aside from being brilliant guards to warn us of intruders and trespassers. However, recent scientific research suggests that dogs help to better mental and physical health of human beings.


The researchers at University of Florida have found that furry canines can detect migraines and seizures much before humans by noticing the quivering of lips. Researchers from University of California in San Francisco have also found that being exposed to dog germs repeatedly can help boost your immune system. The incidence of cough and cold shall reduce in your home and children have a reduced chance of developing asthma.


Petting dogs can be de-stressing as playing with them releases cortisol in the body which controls stress. It also elevates the levels of serotonin, prolactin and oxytocin which alleviates pain and uplifts your mood. Trained dogs also have the ability to detect obsessive compulsive disorder by noticing the repetitive behaviours. They can nudge the person with the disorder when they notice unusual behaviour.


Lastly, another study had shown that those who spent time with service or trained dogs were less likely to use paid services. If you are planning to get a furry friend, don’t hesitate to do so! petting