Pets come with a big helping of love and a side of shedding. Despite sweeping, mopping and dusting on a daily basis, your decor seems to reflect the timeless style of ‘my dog is shedding again’. Shedding is a natural event, but giving your home, clothes and your life in general, that final topping of fur doesn’t have to be.

We’ve put together some easy hacks to keep your home as fur-free as you possibly can.

Vacuuming and After: Despite the best efforts of your vacuum cleaner, some stray hairs seem to stick fast to your sofa. To give these that extra nudge, don rubber gloves and dampen them. Then run these damp gloves lightly over the stray hairs and they’ll jump ship easily from sofa to glove. This trick also works well on pillows and bed sheets.  If you have a dryer at home, the dryer-sheet trick is as useful. Use a sheet/ cloth that has just had a spin in the dryer, run it over lightly furry areas, the static from the sheet will pick up stray fur.

Deliberate on Décor Decisions: Take your time while furnishing your living room. Choose sofa and chair upholstery that will not encourage fur to stick to it. You should definitely strike suede and velvet off your list. Use stylish throws and blankets on chairs that your pet loves to snuggle up in. This way your pet can enjoy a cuddle without leaving behind a furry surprise.

Clean off carpets: In most homes with pets, carpets and mats are a no-no. But with this neat trick, they’re back in the running! After your usual vacuuming, use a damp (not wet!) cloth to wipe over the carpet. This may pick up some stray hairs and it will bunch up any hair that remains on the carpet, making them vacuum-up-able! Once this is done, simply run your vacuum over it again!

Crafty corners: Most often, fur-balls and dust bunnies manage to hide in nooks and corners that are formed by your furniture layout – the gap between the sofa and the wall. Or the corner of the room, underneath the side table where the broom doesn’t quite reach. While designing your space, try to have as few of these as possible, it is easier to keep an open room layout fur-free.

Go Straight to the Source: To reduce the amount of fur in your home, try to keep up with a strict grooming schedule, brushing and de-shedding your pet (outdoors) will help keep the amount of fur shed indoors in control. A good diet ensures that your pet’s coat is healthy and strong, this reduces shedding as well.

These simple hacks will definitely go a long way in reducing the role fur plays in your decor. And let’s face it, if you never found a stray strand of fur on the sofa that would just be plain weird, right?

Do you have any neat hacks up your sleeve? Let us know in the comments below!