We are often afraid of street dogs. Other times, we choose to ignore them. And some other times we acknowledge their helplessness but then give in to our own helplessness at finding it impossible to feed the frighteningly huge numbers of them that need to be fed.

Through our Kindness Saturday Initiative, we strive to spread the word that each of us has the potential to make a difference to the plight of stray dogs in India, and no bit of kindness is futile; however small your token of care is, it is priceless. The more you help, the more you inspire someone else to do it. Compassion begets compassion – when you express it, you are creating more of it!

 A Loaf of Bread, an Old Shawl, a First-Aid Box – You Are Equipped to Help Many

We understand that adopting a dog brings in mammoth responsibilities that, given our tightly woven schedules, not every one of us may be able to fulfill. While adoption remains the best way to free street dogs from the vicious cycle of hardships they face, it is not the only way to help street strollers.

You can do a great many things for these homeless animals with bare minimum resources and just a few stolen minutes from your week. Take a loaf (or two) of bread with you and feed a hungry dog; pick an old shawl or sweater and tie it round a freezing pup in winter; and if you are adept it, please take the pains to alleviate the suffering of a wounded dog by giving him basic medical-aid.

The key is that you can help. You have unimaginable potential. Whether you are a schoolboy, businessperson, working professional, or a housewife, you have the power to instigate change. Your small contributions would not only provide some much-needed direct help, but would also sensitize many other people to the cause of extending humanity to street animals.

If you feel too weighed down by your own worries to think of something as distant as an insignificant animal on the street, these small but precious acts of kindness will benefit you even more. You’ll see some of your own sorrows and troubles melting away as you help a creature in need. It feels divine to be profusely appreciated for a kind gesture; and this gesture won’t take any more than a quarter of an hour. So do take some minutes off every Saturday – for those who need you and for your own contentment.


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