“Before I became a crazy-dog-lover, there was a time when I was absolutely TERRIFIED of Dogs. It’s funny how those kinds of people annoy me now. I first came in contact with strays through a friend of mine, who’s a Dog Lover. Little did I know that soon, my life was going to change.

My first rescue was a two-month-old puppy that was attacked by other dogs in the streets and had severe hypothermia. I managed to take the pup to the vet but the chances of survival looked bleak. Luckily, within a week of intensive treatment, he started recovering and slowly progressed to walking. The thought of moving him away from his mother did not seem right, so I took him back to the place where I found him, to reunite him with his mother. But the mother had rejected the puppy and I could not bear the thought of leaving him alone, so it was then, that I decided to adopt him. I named this 2-month-old pup ‘Hoop’. Flash forward to now, when Hoop is a happy-go-lucky three-year-old boy.

And once Hoop came into my life, things changed and I felt like there was more room to welcome more dogs. I soon adopted Mercedes, Hoop’s sibling. 

Hoop and Mercedes playing together

Hoop and Mercedes playing together

Then my third Dog Pebbles came into my life. Pebbles was this upbeat stray that I found in Sohna Road. She was a really weak puppy so I thought I would foster her and take care of her for a few days, while I looked for a forever home for her. Things didn’t materialise and by the end of it, I was so attached to Pebbles, that I didn’t have the heart to give her away. Pebbles chewed up most of the furniture around the house and would run away at the first chance she got. She recently passed away in a road accident and has left us all heart-broken. 

Pumpkin is my fourth dog that I rescued in August 2016. I found her walking alone in the middle of a street wearing a makeshift leash made out of a rope. It looked like she was either abandoned or stolen. I followed her and brought her home as that was the obvious choice. She soon became part of the family too.

Ever since I adopted Hoop, my journey with dog rescues and adoptions have been never-ending. I have been actively involved in rescuing dogs and puppies and I know this is a passion that only gets stronger with each rescue. And there’s no looking back now. I see a little bit of Hoop, Pebbles, Mercedes and Pumpkin in every Dog I meet and that keeps me going!” 🙂

— Huma Hazarika Sharma