Emergency Contact Number for Animals And Birds – DELHI

If you have stumbled here, with deep regret we have to inform you that ‘Heads Up For Tails’ isn’t a company that deals with animal aid and rescue. Hence, attempting to call us for such a help would be nothing short of being futile. But since you’re here, it means you’re in a dire necessity for help. For abandoned, injured, stranded, sick and lost animals and birds, listed beneath are emergency hotline numbers that might come in handy to you.

Bird Rescue Helplines:

Birds are free and lost. They don’t know of any start or any bounds and more so often – nature, circumstances, man and accidents render them injured. If you have come across a bird that requires utmost attention, we advise you to consider the links provided beneath.

Wildlife Rescue (Chawri Bazaar, Old Delhi)




Jain Charity Bird Hospital, Delhi

Shri Digamber Jain Lal Mandir Ji, Opposite Red Fort, Chandni Chowk, Delhi – 110006.

+91 9810016162

+91 9968855520

Jain Charity Bird Hospital, Gurgaon

Near Govt Girls School, St Jain Mandir, Gurgaon, Gurgaon – 122001 

+91 9213922978

+91 9818564624

+91 9810387093

+91 9136148361

+91 9311217325 


Fauna Police (Sarojini Nagar, Delhi) 



Sansthanam Abhay Daanam, Charitable Bird Hospital


Wildlife Rescue Related

Police and fire rescue service can also come in handy during such situations for they end up directing wildlife related calls to respective NGO’s





Wildlife SOS for all wildlife related help and queries can be directed to Defence Colony in South Delhi

011-2335 5883

2335 7088

2335 9241

PRECAUTION: While transporting birds that require immediate attention, bear in mind to place them in a cardboard box or carton, while doing so. Pierce the box with holes for the ease of breathing for the injured bird.

Street Animals:

The road is never a safe place. It’s stationary but always moving. When intellectually blessed humans fall prey to the curse of the road, many a times, animals of the likes of dogs and cats are not spared. More so over, they also comprise of being the primary victim to the moody weather and natural calamities. Hence, once in a while, they really depend on the mercy of strangers and this is what you can do for them.

Friendicoes (Under Defence Colony flyover, South Delhi)

24 hour Ambulance Service

98733 02580

011- 24320707

011- 24314787


Ghazipur Veterinary Hospital based Street Dog ABC Unit and Tilangpur Kotla based Street Dog ABC (Animal Birth Control) Unit, South West Delhi, near Najafgarh – both run under the guardianship of FRIENDICOES. Hence, help is bound to arrive, whenever and where ever it’s needed.

Animal India Trust (Lajpat Nagar, South Delhi)

Contact Dr. Devi:

93138 84347

98112 52592

011-5566 9924

Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre (Raja Garden, West Delhi)

93122 11134

011-2544 7751

2544 8062


J – 1910 Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi – 110019





Jeevashram (Rajokri, Near Gurgaon)

011-2506 3696

 2506 4114

2506 4118

PAWS (Masoodpur, Vasant Kunj, South Delhi)

Contact Dr. RT Sharma

98100 36254

011 2689 5737

People for Animals -PFA Delhi Headquarters, Delhi

011-2335 5883

2335 7088

2335 9241

For Cows and Bulls:

Animals of large size, that is, of the likes of cows and bulls, when in dire need of attention require a place that adheres to the need of their ailment, supplemented with utilities that are synonymous to their nature of treatment and size.

If you have come across a cow or a bull that requires admittance to an institute that deals with their kind, then the information provided below might be useful to you:

Kamdhenu Mangal Parivaar 

(Free 24×7 Cow Ambulance Ambulance with doctor on board)


Choudhary Mohinder Singh Tokas

(operates from Munirka)

98103 05197

96502 22787

98103 94051

Love for Cows

98184 34399

Just be Friendly

(JBF India: Kotla Mubarakpur, Delhi)

Dr. Shashanka

011-2469 1181

98182 41962

NCR (Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Noida)

PFA Faridabad

(Sector 55, Faridabad)

Mr. Ravi Dubey



Voice of Voiceless Society, Faridabad


+91 9810268665

PFA Gurgaon


PFA Haryana

98130 10595

PFA Sadhrana, Gurgaon

Dr. Pandey : 93122 89628

0124 – 2276502

98188 38628

Friendicoes Ambulance Service at Gurgaon



SPCA Noida, Animal Hospital



PFA (People for Animals)

Raj Nagar extn, near Nandi park, Ghaziabad

Ms. Sumeidha Iyer



PFA Ghaziabad

Mrs. Ashima Sunil Swaminathan (nee Ashima Sharma)

98109 23679

0120- 4122100

93120 68152

POSH Foundation at Ghaziabad


+91 9716558043

+91 9953440509

In The Case Of Dead Animals:

Stray animals and birds are more prone to unnatural deaths. Often they become victim to the hustle-bustle of rushed life, often they are preyed upon by their own ailments. Whatever the case might be, a dignified farewell during such cases won’t go amiss. If you want to bury the dead yourself, then you can dig a pit, place the animal in it and cover it with abundant salt (sendha namak). Such an action will allow the corpse to decompose in peace, without scavengers and insects preying upon it.

On the other hand, municipal services are always at your disposal for the execution of such tasks. Do remember to take down your token call number, after having made your request.

Here are the numbers:

Central Control Room





East Delhi


West Delhi