There are so many stray dogs that roam the streets in India. Sadly they’re often neglected and mistreated.  But there are individuals who want to help the animals living on the streets. Our intention  is to guide individuals who are willing to help animals, we request you to please refer to the contact lists below. We understand that at times of distress we just do not know what to do.

These organisations are running such a noble cause only because of the donations and funds.  When you ask for the ambulance service, do give them some monetary fund to take care of the expenditure. We also request you to keep patience while waiting for the vehicle to arrive. When sending any voiceless creature to the shelter, do remember to keep a track of their whereabouts and health.

Karuna Society for Animals and Nature
Activities:  Veterinary hospital, animal birth control programme, shelter,
animal ambulance, pet adoption, wildlife rescue, awareness, animal rights,
cruelty cases, vaccination, vegetarianism, providing water troughs for animals.

Rayalaseema S.P.C.A.
Activities: Veterinary Hospital, Mobile Dispensary, Animal Ambulance, Animal Rights.


People For animals, Guwahati, Assam
Activities: Animal hospital (operation theatre, sonography,  X-Ray etc.), animal ambulance (24 hours), pet adoption, animal shelter, shelter for birds (proposed), vaccination camps, sterilisation of stray animals, awareness, animal rights, wildlife rescue, vegetarianism.

Activities: Mobile clinic for ill and injured animals.


Maitri Leprosy Centre Animal Care Programme
Activities: Veterinary clinic, animal birth control programme, mobile clinic, shelter, providing water to animals.


S.P.C.A Chandigarh
Activities: Animal Hospital, Animal Ambulance, Shelter, Providing Food to animals, Awareness, Animal Birth Control (ABC) Programme, Vaccination.

People For Animals Chandigarh
Activities: Animal ambulances, Veterinary hospital, Free mobile veterinary camps, Animal Birth Control (ABC) Programme, Shelter and Awareness.


Please check each shelter’s website for updated contact information, thank you.