Anyone who has fur-kids know the joys that come with them. While many see only the responsibilities involved in terms of walking, feed, cleaning, grooming etc, most dogs lovers, like ourselves see these activities as a part of nurturing another life. Dogs have a way of demanding true and absolute devotion from us and whether or not we like it, the strongest of us submit to these demands without even realising it. However there’s one demand that most pet parents refrain from fulfilling and that’s their unrelenting need for biscuits and treats.

As much as they love them, we as pet parents know how harmful it is for them and so we become the bad cop!

But now, there’s a simple solution to this problem. The guys at Bark On Gourmet Doggie Barkery have put some forces together, human, as well as canine, to come up with a whole bunch of natural, home baked, fresh cookies for dogs! They are made from ingredients safe for pooch consumption, sometimes even in large quantities to fill their satiety centres. Everything in the cookies is carefully measured and used to ensure health and nutrition of both young and older dogs.


After having suffered from a lot of Gastro-Intestinal problems because of packaged treats available in the market, Duchess, their beautiful dog, 13 at the time was left out drooling when all the other children got their treats. That’s when her Mama Nikki took matters in her hands to make something herself, in the kitchen from things one would find ever so easily at the grocery store. Saving the trouble of adding preservatives and chemicals to save Duchess from the side effects, the cookies they got, although a little oddly shaped; were so full of flavour, even the other kids left their treats for this one.

It was then that they knew we’d found the secret to keeping these furry friends of ours happy and healthy. All the cookies we want to share with fur-kids everywhere are free of additives. Unlike packaged foods and treats that contain non meat parts, all our recipes are made from human grade ingredients to ensure quality. None of the foods are processed and thus the proteins and vegetables do not lose their health benefits and are not rendered down only to mass that would increase volume. Their foods are also free of carcinogens and micro toxins normally found in processed foods because of synthetic additives used in them.

All thanks to Mama Nikki and her “Barkalicious” doggie treat recipes, we have all made the switch over to healthy, all natural treats which keep our pet pals jumping and drooling for more. So let go off the guilt of feeding your puppies a little extra and give them some homemade Bark On Gourmet Doggie Barkery biscuits, full of flavour, nutrition and made with lots of love.

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