Whether you like it or not, the guest list for your wedding will magically inflate with people that your family insist MUST be invited.  In the midst of all the wedding planning, don’t forget that special someone who has stuck by you through the good days and the bad, lending their unwavering support – your pet. If you’re wondering how to go beyond just grooming your pet to actually dressing them up for your wedding, we have a few ideas:

Wreath collars: Use flowers (that match your wedding’s floral theme/colours) to dress up your pet’s collar. Professional florists will be able to decorate your pet’s collar with flora that will have heads turning.  These are easy to slip on and are not likely to bother your pet. Make sure they don’t use anything that may harm your pet, like sharp wires or pins.

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Custom clothes:  If you want to go all out, there are pet companies that offer made-to-measure wedding clothing for pets. Your pet can strut his stuff in silk kurtas, sherwanis or even a tuxedo! They are specially made to ensure your pet’s comfort.

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Bow ties: If your pet is not the type who likes dressing up much, look for something simple that won’t bother them, like a bow tie. These can be clipped on to your pet’s collar or some have snap buckle closures that allow them to be worn along with your pet’s flat collar. These are available in both beautiful ethnic prints and in other formal designs.

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Bandanas:  Here is where you can really customise to suit your wedding and your pet’s role in it. Turn to companies that provide customisation services. You can use lace or rich ethnic prints with tassels to embellish the bandanas. You could also have their titles – ‘Dog of Honour’, the ‘Best Dog’ or the “Ring Bearer’ embroidered on.

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Leash Love: You can also embellish your pet’s leash to suit the rest of his or her ensemble or to suit your wedding theme!Leash Love (2)Many dogs love being in the midst of friends and family but remember that weddings can be quite chaotic, so appoint a professional or a member of the family to keep an eye on your pooch at all times. This should keep your pooch out of mischief! Depending on your venue, your pet’s temperament and health, you could also consider keeping your pet around for only part of the event as loud music and high noise levels may lead to stress for a nervous pet.