As an old saying goes, God gave humankind a few unifiers in spite of rampant disparities in fortunes, luck, circumstances and chances. One of the biggest unifiers in this aspect is dogs! Yes, God gave us the equal opportunity to enjoy the company of dogs who are living, breathing angels on four legs and that’s not exaggeration! Dogs are bundles of love, care, unconditional loyalty and what not! Dogs are one of the few reasons life is still worth living. Dogs naturally teach us several inherent life lessons just by being the amazing companions that they naturally are!

Here’s taking a look at some of the biggest and supremely meaningful life lessons that we automatically learn and imbibe from our four legged bundles of joy-

  • Nothing outstrips the importance of True Loyalty-

When it comes to loyalty everyone can learn a thing or two from our furry babies. Your dog will never let you down in a difficult situation. Dogs teach us unconditional loyalty, something that will solve a lot of problems if only the human race could practice the same!


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  • Pretentiousness is Not a Good Attribute to Possess

Dogs are never pretentious and we’re not counting the times when they act miserable for a cuddle or an extra treat. In reality, dogs love showing off their true selves to their four legged and human friends and we simply adore them for this ability to be completely natural and at peace with oneself.

  • One is Never too Old to have Fun

Dogs always like playing and having fun no matter what their age. Sounds like a valuable life lesson in an age where we simply forget how to rediscover our inner kids in simple ways to keep life’s travails and stresses at bay.

  • Loved ones should be Warmly Greeted when they Come Back Home Each Day

We all love the happy woofs and volley of cuddles and licks that greet us when we get home at the end of a tiring day at work. Dogs teach us the importance of greeting and warmly welcoming loved ones when they return home.

  • Forgiveness Comes Easy

Dogs teach us to learn how to forgive. Your dog forgives and forgets the zillion times you were angry, irritated, cranky and probably all those times you stepped on him/her by mistake too! Human beings have much to learn in the forgiveness department from dogs.

  • Compassion and Empathy Goes a Long Way

Isn’t your dog the first one to snuggle up to you and lick you into smiling whenever you’re down in the dumps? Why doesn’t the same principle apply to us wherein we can be there for our loved ones when they’re sad?

  • Nothing Works Better than a Cuddle

When nothing seems right, cuddling your dog automatically gives you a rush of happiness and comfort that suddenly puts the house in order. Now try channelizing this feeling through expressing your love for your near and dear ones.

  • Instincts are Doubly Important

We should all learn to trust and follow our instincts as they are rarely wrong. This is one of the biggest life lessons garnered from dogs who operate through their gut instincts and often end up recognizing things that we never even think of!

  • It’s the Little Things that Matter

Happiness is not found in materialistic comfort and luxuries. Dogs are happy when out on walks, when taking a bath, when playing with an old and worn out ball or simply when they’re cuddled around by heaps of friends at a time. It goes to show that happiness and peace can be found in small things.

  • Love Comes Unconditional

Dogs teach us to offer love unconditionally. Dogs do not come with demands and undue expectations from us. They simply choose to love us and accept the way we are without questions or grievances. Life would be so much better if we could love our family and friends as unconditionally as this!

Dogs effortlessly teach us so much about life and how best to savor it without getting burnt by the daily whiplash of modern living. Dogs emphasize love, companionship, friendship, happiness and integrity above all else and these are values fit to be transmitted down from one generation to another.

In a world that’s fast changing into forms and avatars surprising and shocking in terms of depravity and selfishness, dogs are one of the few tickets to mental salvation that we have!