There were times when people lived in mansions, enjoyed backyards and had humane working hours. Those were the times when their dogs too enjoyed these luxuries, chasing birds and squirrels, barking at cats who sat high up on a tree branch; and when tired they enjoyed quality time with their families. Doggy Heaven!
Well, let’s snap out and picture our own city lives. We live in smaller apartments, backyards and lawns seem to be historic extravagances and work occupies us round the clock. So, in such a scenario what do our canine friends do? They sit at home all alone, with lesser space to run around, spend lesser time with us hence leading to separation anxiety.
Come to think about it, we have working hours of a minimum eight hours, commuting time in today’s mind boggling traffic adds another two hours to that. Sometimes social obligations, craving to watch a film, a coffee with a long lost friend or dinner with relatives who taunt you of not having time for them adds a couple more hours to our busy schedule. The brunt of this is borne by our pooches back home.
Since the good old days will not come back and there is no escaping the work pressure, let us discuss some tips on leaving our dogs at home when we are out for long hours.
1.     For the love of our dogs we should set our alarm to an hour early. Spending time with our dogs first thing in the morning is the best way to kick-start our day. A brisk walk and some play not only will keep us and our dogs healthy but will also exhaust our dogs and they would like to come back home and sleep for a couple of hours.
2.     Toys and chewys work great to occupy them.
3.     Keeping out a fresh bowl of water is a must before we leave.
4.     Do try hiding a few treats around, dogs love the treasure hunt.
5.     Another trick is to leave the radio on with a low volume; a dog will feel less lonely with a sense of voices of people around.
6.     Getting a dog walker or a volunteer to come in at one time to check on the dog and take him out for a walk is quite necessary. Usually our house maid or help is the best option; the dog knows the person well and not all of us can afford professional trainers and walkers.
7.     Also, it is better to leave the dog in a space where he spends most of his time or is comfortable in, the bigger room in the house maybe. Make sure you do away with any sort of wires which are a great attraction to chew off!
Try these few tips and make your pooches happier dogs 🙂