Science has made it possible for you to remain with the ‘same’ pet for life by creating clones. The recent cloning of a dachshund, Winnie, is a breakthrough in the history of doggies. The clone of the 12-year old UK-based canine, owned by Rebecca Smith, was born in Seoul. Mini Winnie weighed about 1 lb at birth.

Source: The GuardianThe World's First Cloned Dog, Mini Winnie

Source: The Guardian
The World’s First Cloned Dog, Mini Winnie

Rebecca won a competition that offered to make the £60,000 procedure free for the pet of the winner. Although Rebecca opines that the world would be a better place with “many more Winnies”, others may not agree. Our own community of Facebook followers doesn’t completely align with the concept of making clones of doggies: Saswati Mukerji finds the process boring and rather lame; she says, “When you can share your love with another deserving animal who needs a home and caring protection, it does not make much sense to replicate your old pet. That is nature. You have to let go when the time comes, and let healing happen with renewed care for a lost soul”.

Nandini Sood, one of our youngest community members writes, “I think it shall not happen, because you can always find another cuter pet. Seeing from a dog’s perspective, they are going through unnatural treatments that may trouble them from inside. Seeing from a human’s perspective, it might be amazing that something like this is here. You’ll prefer not doing something like this if 1) you have an adaptable mind, 2) if you are a dog lover. However, it is a topic that can be further debated upon”.

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