Make it yourself Dog toys are easy and fun!
– By Romita Dey

Dog toys are not just restricted to balls and chew toys anymore. New innovative toys are being introduced everyday for our beloved pets. And they are being accepted wholeheartedly too! However, there is nothing more special than making a toy for your pet and watching him/her play with the same!

Sounds difficult?  Do not worry at all! Homemade toys are actually a better idea than buying toys! As you may know already, toys are very important for the mental and physical growth of dogs. They are not just meant for keeping your dog busy while you are out or are busy with work. The toys you make for your dog should provide overall cognitive development.

Homemade dog toys are also great for dealing with aggressive or restless dogs. These dogs have excess energy which they try to spend by chewing on items they are not meant to. Buying interactive toys not only lets your dog spend all his/her excess energy but also saves your furniture from being destroyed.

Homemade toys are a great idea for taking care of your dog’s activity needs as well. Not all of us can take out our pets for walks every day. Sometimes it is raining outside or maybe its too cold. What to do then? Simply keep your dog occupied with a homemade toy! Let us take a look at what type of dog toys you can make for your beloved pet.

The ball and the Sock

Everybody knows about how dogs are all crazy about socks. You come home and after jumping all over you, they go straight for your socks! So why not make a toy out of it? And add yet another favourite, the ball to the sock toy? All you have to do is simply put the ball inside an old but sturdy sock and then tie a knot above so that the ball doesn’t come out.

Socks and snacks

Want your dog to learn some tricks? Finding it difficult to teach anything because your dog is often moody and crabby? Just put some of his/her favourite treats inside an old sock and dangle the same in front of them. Now teach all the tricks you want and offer a treat only after your dog learns to do the same!

The cuddly toy

All of us have soft toys saved from our childhood.  Instead of buying dog toys for your pet, just use one of those. Remove all the stuffing from inside, sew it back up and then give it to your pet. Your dog will love you for this.

Rope toy

Just take an old rope and tie it up on both sides. Make sure that the knots are really tight and cannot be opened easily. Then give this to your dog and watch him or her spend hours with it!

Romita Dey

Romita Dey

    Romita Dey is a dog lover based in Kolkata.