“Growing up I always wanted a dog. As a child, I went out of my way to be friends with people who lived with dogs so that they would call me to their house and I could interact with their dogs. My family had said – ‘You can have a dog, if you would be the sole caretaker and you stay in the house’. So, when my education ended, I decided to move back. I knew that if I just moved back the chances of me actually having a dog would be reduced drastically with the ‘let’s see’, ‘you can think about a dog once you get married’, ‘let us think’ and yada yada. So, I decided to get the dog in the city I was currently in and then move back together. 

I went to see some dogs. As I was roaming around (with absolutely no clue on what to do), I saw these adorable chocolate brown eyes looking at me with so much love, that my body actually felt warm and I was at peace. I went up to him, patted his back, and I had this feeling that everything was alright with this world. That is when I knew that Scooby and I were meant to be together! I called up home and said, ‘We now have a dog, so when you come to pick me up, be prepared that there will be two of us’. 🙂

I had no idea how to actually live with a dog. There were many things I did not know about. Thankfully, I had friends with dogs who guided me. Scooby was so naughty, energetic and full of life, that I hardly have any still pictures of him. He would just not be still, each time I took my phone to take his picture, he would move. So, most of the pictures that I have are either of a hazy yellow fur ball or a darling who is sleeping. I always felt guilty of not being able to give him the life he deserves. So, I would always be on a lookout for things I believed would make life a bit more happier. As I searched, I found your site. I got this amazing bed for him. He enjoyed sleeping in it for a few months (before he tore it completely during the teething stage). What a stage that was! I would hide as many things he destroyed as possible, so he would not be scolded. 

Scooby after a chewing session 😀

Marriage talks started to happen. I was looking at proposals. One thing was absolutely certain, I would not leave Scooby behind. How could I? He was my life…and you could not really get married to someone when you are leaving your life behind! Everyone…literally..each and every one told me I was stupid to keep a dog as a criteria. ‘He is just a dog!’, ‘Someone who does not like a dog, does not mean he would be a bad husband!’, among others, were the statements I heard each time someone ‘rejected’ me, as in my talks I would make it pretty obvious that him and I were one. 

Scooby with his Mommy

Scooby with his Mommy

Then, I met my husband. He said he had never lived with pets, he did not know anyone who did…BUT he imagined it would be a great thing. All other things aside, this is one statement that really showed me how open minded he was and that was the first time I actually started seriously considering spending my life with someone. We got married, and I had to spend two months before I could bring him with me. Each day I would get up and think ‘Ok! One less day for us to be together!’. I missed him so much that the husband said it is better if you leave early and stay with him until it is time for him to be here…and off I went!

We brought him to Bangalore and finally, I stopped feeling guilty of not being able to give him the life he deserved. He was the KING of the house. He was free to do what he wanted and when he wanted. He went to parks, trips, restaurants and what not! We even celebrated his 5th birthday with a big chicken cake that he stuffed himself with till he could eat no more.

Scooby with his Daddy

But then we started noticing he was drinking a lot of water and he needed to relieve himself a lot more. One thing led to other and we came to know our darling was suffering from renal failure. He did not really know he was sick, and we tried to give him as normal a life as possible. He got really thin and felt really cold, so at the start of December, we bought a nice, snuggly jacket from Heads Up For Tails. He was so HAPPY! He would wear it proudly on his walks, and he would let out a contented sigh each time we put it on him. 

We lost him five days ago. While these are some of the worst days in our lives, your email asking to talk about how Scooby and I met made me realise that the bed and the jacket were the first and the last gifts. Both bought from your website, and both gave him love, warmth, peace and comfort. We thank you for the wonderful products that makes our pet’s life better!”

Dhwani Swadia