Nothing makes us more proud and happy than hearing stories of our customers, colleagues and friends who share with us their doggy love stories. And it is our pleasure and honor to highlight these stories on this platform to unite all pet lovers. Here are some of the #DogsofHUFT stories that are brimming with love! 

  • Mrs. Supriya Bhonsle with Zorro and Zella!


“It’s been almost 3 years since the arrival of my first pet Zorro at my home and I reminisce the time when pets weren’t a part of my life. Earlier I was a person who wasn’t so cheerful and was very moody, a difficult person so to say. But after my pet Zorro drove me nuts with all his antics and always left me in splits watching him behave like a clown, life began to change. Then came my second one, Zella, the calm one but equally playful. And I felt doubly blessed. She keeps Zorro from being lazy and we are always entertained just watching the two playing together! My pets have made me smile without a care on my mind. They have kept me busy and happy. I can handle life better with them around”.

  • Vibhav Deshmukh and Simba!

“Our home is happier, healthier & fuller than before. The reason, source & inspiration for this is our Simba. The latest addition to our family has become the cynosure. The sweetest fur-ball in the world is full of communication. He’s the Angel who never gets angry or upset, always smiles & accommodates everyone. 

He’s the new ruler of the house. He beckons & gets his demands met – a belly rub, playing or jumping around, out on a round, snuggles, nothing is to be denied to his highness.”

  • Linda Johansson and Zoey!

“My neighbour found Zoey in the Biodiversity Park in Vasant Vihar, Delhi in January 2015. She was a tiny puppy at that time, determined to make a better life for herself, and hence she followed my neighbour around the park during her walk. That’s how she came to our house in Vasant Vihar. Zoey and I instantly took a shine to each other, and after some time she moved in with me. Zoey is very intelligent and sweet, but likes her personal space. People always ask what breed she is. Though she’s a desi dog, she doesn’t really look like one with her big ears and light fur.

In March Zoey and I moved to Sweden. She loves it here, especially the long walks, which was challenging in Delhi since the stray dogs wanted to attack her. Because of this she still finds meeting other dogs a bit scary but has finally made some friends. Next challenge for Zoey is to learn how to travel by bus and metro in Stockholm!”

Do you have a doggie love story to share with us! Then wait no more and send us your story at and we will be happy to hear your story and share it with the doggie world! Woof and Wags to all!