Did you know that the secret potion for your Dog’s longevity might be sitting inside your kitchen all this time? A common kitchen ingredient, it has proven to boost your Dog’s overall health. We’re talking about none other than the golden spice – Turmeric. Used since the Vedic times, its medicinal and cosmetic benefits are derived from Curcumin. Find out how it is beneficial for your Dog:

  • Turmeric is anti-inflammatory – Chromic inflammation is known to be the harbinger of almost all diseases. Common diseases such as arthritis in dogs, cancer, kidney diseases, allergies, dental and digestive diseases are all caused by inflammation. Curcumin (found in turmeric) has been scientifically proven to be a better ani-inflammatory drug than an aspirin or ibuprofen.
  • Turmeric is helpful in treating and preventing cancer in dogs – Curcumin in Turmeric has shown to stop the precancerous changes in Dogs and also in treating cancer naturally. It kills cancer cells and prevent them from growing, thereby protecting dogs from cancer and inflammation.
  • Turmeric relieves in arthritis pain – Arthritis is known to increase as a result of inflammation. And turmeric can decrease inflammation in the body, prevent its chronic occurrence, relieve pain and stiffness in arthritis (when compared to conventional pain medicines).
  • Turmeric is a safer alternative than steroids – Dogs with joint pain and allergies are usually prescribed steroids. However, turmeric has now shown results in being a much safer alternative, as it does not carry any nasty side effects.

A word of caution

While turmeric is great to use as a dog supplement, it is a natural blood thinner. So, if your dog is on a blood thinning medication, check with your vet if it is okay to add turmeric to your Dog’s regular diet.

A DIY Turmeric Recipe for your Dog, Cat and Humans too!

Check out this awesome DIY recipe to make a turmeric paste at home and the right dosage..


(Video Credit: Dr. Karen Becker Facebook page)

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