Does your dog pull on the leash? Does he constantly lead the way making the walk a total nightmare! Well, it’s time to end the dog-walking drama with a few basic tips:

Tip 1. Always Walk Next to Each Other – A proper dog walk is when your dog walks beside you. You and your dog should walk next to each other. Not one ahead and the other one behind. It may take time to get the walk in sync but once you do, walking with your dog will be a breeze! Remember, patience is the key! 

Human leads while dog walk

Tip 2. Start with a Short Leash Training – If your dog hasn’t mastered the art of dog walking, start with a shorter leash to allow you more control to steer the way. Your dog will feel the pressure applied on the leash and realize that walking ahead of you is simply unacceptable.

short leash

Tip 3. Always reward your dog upon good behaviour – The best way to encourage proper dog walk is to constantly reward your dog with treats and greets whenever he behaves well.

reward based training

Tip 4. Use the word ‘Heel’ to slow down – ‘Heel’ is probably the most common word used while walking your dog. Heeling is important whenever you are in a busy street or when other dogs or animals are around. Ensure you start the ‘heel’ practice from an early stage to make your dog accustomed to this command.

dog heel

Tip 5. Quick tips to stop your dog on pulling on the leash  Dogs are always super excited to be outdoors and in that excitement, they may pull on the leash to push ahead. When your dog pulls, immediately stop and stand still till the leash is relaxed and then start to walk again. You can also try the ‘follow me’ game, wherein, you hold on to the leash and take a few steps backwards. Your dog will instinctively try to follow you, reward him with a praise or a treat everytime he does so. A chest-led harness is also useful to train your dog to stop pulling on the leash and it also keeps the pressure off the neck. 


So these are some of the basic tips for walking your dog with ease and to ensure a fun yet controlled dog-walking experience outdoors. And remember, keep-calm-at-all-times and enjoy the walk as it is the best ways to bond with your darling pooch!