Pugs have a heavily wrinkled forehead and facial folds that are unique to the breed. If these folds are not cleaned thoroughly – dirt, moisture, loose hair and debris can get caught in between the folds that can lead to skin problems. Here’s how to clean your pug’s face folds to keep him clean and free from skin allergies:

  • Clean the face folds daily – Maintain a routine to clean your pug’s facial folds on a daily basis to ensure there is no buildup of bacteria. Use a doggie wipe (not human grade or baby wipes!) and gently stretch the wrinkles to clean between the folds. You can also use a clean and damp washcloth to wipe.
  • Keep it dry – Make sure to keep your pooch’s face dry at all times. Whether it is after a bath, swim, after a meal – keep the folds away from moisture to ensure that there is no build-up of bacteria or yeast infection.
  • Routine check – Always be on the lookout for signs of irritation or infection. Pugs have a highly sensitive skin and are prone to Demodectic Mange, a skin disease that compromises the immune system. Consult your vet if you see any inflammation or extreme redness.
  • Don’t forget those ears – Skin infection can also happen inside those doggie ears. Use a doggie ear wipe to gently clean the outer part of the ear as a general routine. Consult your vet if there are symptoms of ear infection such as redness, ear discharge, itchiness, etc.