Answer honestly and find out how dog obsessed you really are…

– The first thing you do after getting home is play with your dog.

– You respect your dog’s special spot on the couch.

– You leave the TV on for your dog to watch.

– Your dog’s belongings take up more space than yours.

– There are literally no new chew toys left in at the pet store to buy.

– Family pictures aren’t complete without the dog.

– Every wallpaper and display picture has your dog on it.

– All the healthy food is only bought for the dog.

– Family decisions are never taken without your dog’s approval.

– The doggy birthday parties are a big celebration.

– You own jewelry with your pet’s initials carved on it.

– Your dog prefers the beach to the hills, just like you.

If you said YES to more than 5 of the above statements, congrats! You are totally obsessed with your dog!

If not, that’s not a bad thing. We are here to help you really pamper your pooch.

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