It feels so good when someone understands our needs and desires without our having to say them out loud. Deep within our hearts, we all know that we crave something more enriching and nurturing than material possessions. Dogs, although their emotions may not be as complex as ours feel much the same way – they have needs that go beyond expensive spa treatments, designer clothes and foreign vacations.

It's great to get some luxurious therapy. But is this all your dog needs?

It’s great to get some luxurious therapy. But is this all your dog needs?

We don’t have a speck of a doubt about your unconditional love for your dog. You probably spend more money on her than you do on your own child. But is there something you are unable to read and respond to: are there some needs of hers that go unquenched?

Here are a few intangible but thoroughly elevating things that will make your dog healthier, happier and a more fulfilled living being.

Activities Conducive to Physical and Mental Well Being

Obesity is way more dangerous for dogs than it is for us humans; and the same goes for mental stagnation. Your dog needs you to help him remain in his fittest physical and mental state. And we reckon, you’ll be doing yourself as much good as you would be doing to your dog in the process. So, try not to miss a single day of those walks, runs, ball games, and some hearty talks with your friend. And when you do give her an active lifestyle, pay attention to her fitness levels with the right nutrition and supplements. The Joint Active chewable tablets available on the HUFT eStore are known to support joint and cartilage health of cats and dogs, to maintain agility through life.

Hygiene and Grooming

Your pooch loves to feel fresh and clean!

Your pooch loves to feel fresh and clean!

We probably don’t need to tell you about this one! Clean and groomed dogs are a delight; and they too revel in their fresh states. A simple shampoo and conditioner should usually the trick of keeping lice, dust and infections at bay. Get some good quality ones and take your cutie-pie for a jolly, fragrant splash!

Social Interaction of the Kind and in the Amount that Suits Her as an Individual

Doggies need to go out and meet their friends!

Doggies need to go out and meet their friends!

You cannot really tell by the breed how much a particular dog needs to socialize. The degrees and kinds of social interaction needed to make a dog happy are dependent on his individual characteristics.

a)      If your pet’s personality resonates reserve: An introverted dog may feel uncomfortable among strange people and unknown dogs; but this does not imply that he prefers social isolation. In fact, he needs it just as much as anyone else but in a different manner; a few great friends and spending a limited amount of time with them is ideal for quiet doggies.

b)      Socializing for extroverts: A ‘party-dog’ would be happiest when taken to dog parks and other homes with pets more often!


Pampering is good for your little buddy every now and then; but too much of it ceases to cast any charm on her. Being showered with goodies all the time won’t have the same elevating effect as would a reward of appreciation when she actually does something good. Therefore, keep some special treats reserved for incentivizing and appreciating if you want to give your canine some real contentment!

Channelization of Their Energy: Regular Training and Effective Human Leadership

Training a dog is not just for your benefit; it’s for him too. A pet dog actually needs to be led and trained into the most appropriate behavior for him. With the mind of a two year old child and physical strength many times higher than that, it is easy for a dog to lose focus and become unreasonably aggressive and unpredictable.

Be a lifelong mentor to your doggie

Be a lifelong mentor to your doggie

You are the only one he can look up to for support. Therefore, if you bring home a dog, do take some time off to train him right from his first week, and consistently into his adult years. HUFT would like to suggest some toys and training products to bring out the best in your dog:

Dogs are more forgiving and gentle than the average 21st century human being. They make for the most faithful companions for life. They give you back a multiplied amount of the love you give them. Therefore, it becomes a responsibility for us humans to recognize what dogs want and try to fulfill them as best as we can.

Do you have something more to add to this list of what dogs need in order to be happy? Do write to us and we’ll be happy to share your inputs with the rest of our esteemed community of dog lovers.