Oral hygiene is one aspect about caring for your pet that often gets ignored; but the subsequent problems that a lack of dental care may cause may not be minor enough to ignore! Two in every three dogs over the age of three suffer from periodontitis – a disease that may lead to tooth loss. From foul oral odors to severe infections spreading to the entire body, an unclean mouth is a dangerous thing for your adorable doggie.

Heads Up For Tails would love to introduce you to some useful yet easy to follow tooth care tips to keep those healthy smiles intact.

Source: www.s6.zetaboards.comPreserve that sparkling smile!

Source: www.s6.zetaboards.com
Preserve that sparkling smile!

Brush At Least Twice a Week, Supplemented with Brushless Solutions on Other Days

The pampered canine kid may not like it at first, but be consistent yet gentle in your efforts at making him follow a healthy dental care routine. Don’t be forceful, for, it may cause her to resist brushing even more. Start as early as possible; ideally, when she is still a little pup. The recommended duration for every sitting is just about one minute – 30 seconds on each side.

Brushless Solutions for Everyday Dental Hygiene and Freshness

Oral sprays and mouthwashes come in handy for pets, just as they do for us humans. They are far easier to use and effective at killing harmful bacteria. The Dentopet Spray, for instance, comes with digestive enzymes and ingredients that strengthen gums, freshen breath and support desirable levels of healthy bacteria in the mouth. Use these sprays and solutions for the days of the week when you don’t brush his teeth.

Invest in a Good Quality Toothbrush

Your pooch’s brush needs to have even softer bristles than your own. Toothbrushes with convenient angles and multiple heads perform the action fairly quick and easy. We recommend something like this one: http://www.headsupfortails.com/product_Tooth-Brush_485. You can also go in for finger brushes if the style suits you and your pet.

Use Doggie Toothpastes Only: Never Use Your Own!

Your toothpaste contains ingredients that are pernicious to your canine’s health. Use special toothpastes made especially for him to brush his strong canines. At HUFT, after running through scores of different toothpastes, we have picked some really good ones for our dear four-legged friends: Dentopet Dental Paste and Beaphar Toothpaste for dogs and cats.

Regular Veterinarian Visits

Professional dental checkups are necessary every 6 months or so. In addition, you too must keep a check on your pet’s dental health, and seek professional help if you see any trouble signs like bad breath, pain while chewing, inflamed gums, tooth staining, excess salivation and loose or falling teeth.

Dog Teeth Wipes 

If you’re pressed for time, then dog teeth wipes is the perfect solution. These wipes are easy to use and ideal for dogs who refuse to stand still. We recommend Pet Head Dog Teeth Wipes that are free from parabens, petroleum derivates, DEA and are pH adjusted too!

If you don’t already brush your pet’s teeth, it may be hard for both of you at first. You may have to experiment with different kinds of brushes and different ways to make him cooperate during brushing. But do make the effort at maintaining oral hygiene, so that your beloved can enjoy her juicy bone treats for life!