Let us introduce you to a really compassionate and helpful organization called Worldly Wags. Worldly Wags relentlessly works towards alleviating the lives of suffering animals through their various dog sterilization programmes and by providing all kind of support for dog lovers to take care of sick and injured dogs.  Located in both Delhi and Dharamshala, Worldly Wags even runs a Recovery Center in Dharamshala where they provide space for change-makers to work on projects to help animals. To know more about what Worldly Wags does, Heads Up For Tails conducted an exclusive interview with Joellen, one of its founder members.



What does Worldly Wags do?

We are people dedicated to alleviating the suffering of animals. We have two locations, one in New Delhi and the other in Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh.

In West Delhi we run a sterilization program called the ABC Co-operative. We involve community members, vets, along with our post-op center and ambulance in a joint effort to sterilize pockets of New Delhi and keep them sterilized. (Read more HERE.)

In Dharamsala, we host a sanctuary for animals and creative people called Badmash Peepal. We offer a space where change-makers can work on projects to help animals. Projects like culture jamming, innovation, invention, education, or…any idea to reduce suffering!

In addition to this community, we operate a stray recovery center which gives a place to local injured and sick animals so they can heal before we release them. We have a small sanctuary with 6 resident dogs and 2 resident mules.  There is an organic farm on the property to grow food for human residents and volunteers. (You can read about Badmash Peepal HERE.)



What do you guys need funds for?

We primarily need funds for our sterilization program in New Delhi. For transportation and post-op care it costs us Rs 2000 per dog. The cost of surgery is covered by Sonadi Foundation. We also need funds for our Dharamsala clinic which cares for injured stray dogs, horses, and cows and will soon begin doing ABC as well.
How do you rescue/ sterilize dogs?
 We are building a network of organizations and individuals who support sterilizations. The stray dog overpopulation issue is massive, so no single group or person can tackle it effectively on their own. The ABC Co-operative connects different people and organizations to systematically sterilize entire dog populations, area-by-area. It links stray dog feeders, ambulances, vets, post-op care centers, and donors to form a web with fewer bottle necks, and which doesn’t rely on any single point to function.
How many people are helping you?
We rely on the help of many people and organizations! In Delhi we have a large network of community members who identify dogs and care for them after their release. We work with Dr. Vijay of Sonadi Foundation who funds and does all of our surgeries currently. We also work with Kannan Animal Welfare in Noida, who helps us by taking on Noida and Ghaziabad requests.
In Dharamsala, we work with Dharamsala Animal Rescue. They help us with the trickier rescue cases that we can’t photo259006530067736678handle. They also joined the ABC Co-operative after we started sponsoring their veterinarian dedicated to ABC. We work with Brooke Foundation for our equids (horses, mules, and donkeys) and Shahpur Government hospital for all our animals.
Of course we couldn’t do it without our teams in Delhi and Himachal. These guys are the ones who are out every day catching dogs and making sure they are getting cared for. We couldn’t do it without our awesome team!
What is the message for everyone from Worldly Wags?

Our aim is to reduce the suffering of all animals (non-human and human). We believe that every action should be done with this intention. Everything we do is for the benefit of others or for our survival. Our survival is for the benefit of others.





How can one donate/help/volunteer to the cause?
We are looking for volunteers in India or abroad. You can work on the farm in Dharamsala, check in on the post-op in Delhi, or work on the computer from anywhere…The only requirement is to do good work for animals! You can contact us at or WhatsApp +91 9999 429 144 to find out more.